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Is it improper to hook arms for pictures?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) June 25th, 2010

It’s always been one of my habits to hook arms with people for pictures, unless they’re shorter.. for some reason I don’t like to hook arms with people who are shorter than me for pictures. Guy or girl, I would sometimes hook arms. So, at a graduation banquet for high school, is it improper for a girl to hook arms with a guy friend for a picture? Oh, and if it was a guy friend who I knew had a girlfriend, I wouldn’t hook arms.

It’s really been bothering me, and my mom already gave me heck, so let me know what you think! Please try to avoid using one word answers such as just a “yes” or a “no”.

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I can’t imagine who would care.

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I suppose it would be kind of awkward for some people (like me, depending on how well I knew the person I was linking arms with). Especially if it’s a guy I’m linking arms with. It’s not so much awkwardness for me then, just I kind of wondering what people think.

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@dpworkin, haha apparently my mom. She said she was really troubled, to the point that she couldn’t sleep. She told me not to hook arms with guys in the future at social gatherings, I guess I won’t, but after that, I just feel a bit embarrassed.

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Your mom is having trouble letting go. That’s not unusual. Don’t let it stop you from growing away from your family and into an autonomous individual.

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I don’t see what your mom is upset about. But since she is, you had better comply or not show her the pictures.

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Many of the pictures I remember from high school include middle fingers, weird faces, poseur gang signs, and body parts being exposed and/or grabbed.

Your mom is loosing sleep over hooking arms? It sounds like she needs a hobby…

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I don’t think it’s a bg deal,but keep in mind that alot of people don’t like being touched even if it is a friendly gesture.:)

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My favorite pictures from high school usually have my friends and I draped all over each other. Guys and girls. Hooking arms is pretty tame. We were all pretty close, played sports together, raised a lot of hell together. Think ahead 10 or 15 years and imagine yourself looking back on the pictures. :)

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I see a problem of having to spread the subjects out. Causing poor composition and wasted real estate.

But really, they are just fun fun pictures. Big deal. :-)

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It depends on the picture. For friendly pictures, I don’t think it’s improper to hook arms.

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Your mom’s a prude.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I was going to say Mom needs to get laid, but I figured that would get mod’d

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Mom is scared of losing her little one. Give her a break. But it’s daughter’s job to grow up.

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Is she planning on sending the pix to all her friends or (worse) her family, and worrying about what they’ll think? (“Here’s Curiouscat with this one guy…and here she’s with that guy…and that one…no, they’re not all her boyfriends, she’s just…friendly…”)

Take one or two for Mom—a little consideration never hurts—and then go on your way. She can’t manage your every move.

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Nope. Worry your pretty little head about more important things.

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How old is your mom? Was she raised very conservatively?

I just say that because…maybe when she was growing up, hooking arms was a sign of a “loose” woman. Or her mother (and her mother before that and before that) might have thought that it was “indecent” for girls to hook arms with boys if they weren’t married.

I found the same with my mother——you “didn’t ride in cars with boys” (that’s not just a book and movie—it was real life for me.) Also “nice girls do not call boys”. And this was in the 70’s and 80’s! I went home last year and my mother told me that I could not go out with an old friend who happened to be male because “people might talk and get the wrong idea.”

What “wrong idea”? That we eat food in a restaurant? That we can talk and laugh?

I think your mom lives in another era….and so does mine.

Best of luck. I hope you are going faaaaaaaaar away to university! :)

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I would agree with @jfos I think it depends on how formal the pic is. I wouldn’t think it’s appropriate for a wedding picture for instance, and it’s clearly also not appropriate for a pic involving your mom. But for pics with friends, sure.

When I’m standing with people for pictures I tend to put my arms round their back or waist.

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Hooking arms seems like a pretty harmless behaviour, unless it has some new and alarming meaning that it never did before. I have no idea why your mom is so unsettled by this. It seems so innocent!

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Better to hook arms than to arm hooks.

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whoa, why does your mom have a problem with such a harmless gesture? Does she equate this to sleeping around? Is she Amish? It’s just really hard to imagine anyone being so upset to the point that they lose sleep over something that most people do with literally zero thought.

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