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Does anyone else have a bad ear and/or a bad nostril?

Asked by sliceswiththings (11661points) May 18th, 2011

Over the past few years, I have become aware that both my left ear and nostril don’t work as well as their counterparts on the right side.

The nostril I figured out through kissing: when my right nostril was crushed I couldn’t breathe.

The ear I figured out mainly through the phone: I can’t have the phone up to my left ear or it sounds like the person’s underwater.

I mentioned it to my family, and they don’t share this oddity. Is anyone else afflicted by it? (I suppose eyes are fair game too, but that’s more common)

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I have a bad ear. As a child, my eardrum burst twice and I had no medical attention, so I hear far less out of my left ear than I do my right.

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I do as well. The nostril issue stems from getting a broken nose as a child; the ear is fine for hearing, but it is more susceptible to getting a fluid build-up and infections due to scar tissue from untreated ear infections as a child. I wasn’t aware of either of these incidents until I was an adult.

The nose was probably broken when, as a child, I fell off of a friend’s back during a piggy-back ride, and got a bloody nose when I landed face first on a concrete surface. I asked Mom about the ear infections, and she said I never had any. The doctors that I’ve had to go to over the years have all said that sometimes don’t cry when they have one.

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I’m prone to ear infections, I get them for, like, no reason, and my right ear often hurts like it’s infected when it isn’t. I figure it’s due to allergies. Whenever this is the case, I can’t hear well out of it. It’s clogged and sounds muffled, like being underwater, so maybe you have allergies, too. The eustachian tube tends to clog up and do that, any pain or lack of hearing is felt in the ear, and not the tube which runs from the ear to behind the nose and mouth. It’s pretty common, and often goes overlooked, unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it except wait it out. If these ail you consistently, though, this most likely isn’t the case, since this is usually seasonal, but it’s possible, there are year-round allergies.

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I have a bad ear as well. I had a series of ear infections that resulted in the infection getting into the bone so i had to have surgery (they scraped the bone).

My hearing is not as acute in both ears as it was before the infections. Also, the hearing in the left ear is worse, which results in me not being able to determine the direction of sound.

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Bad ear. Or it’s because people mumble too much.

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Yep, both on my left side.

Had some nasal surgery a few years back that helped quite a bit, but it’s starting to creep back again.

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My ear is a saint but I caught one of my nostrils smoking in the bathroom with some other delinquent body parts.

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@AstroChuck Chuckie, you’re back!

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I am? I was never really gone.

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I used to get really bad ear infections as a child. I’m not sure whether that had any effect on my hearing, but my right ear is definitely better than my left. When I asked my mother about it, she said that my infections occurred in both ears, without any noticeable majority on one side or the other.

As for my nostrils, it seems that they switch up. Sometimes I’ll notice that the right is better, sometimes the left.

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@AstroChuck I have just missed those ba bum bum, 1–2 quick responses.

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