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How do I change the location of all of my songs in my music folder, and locate all of them using my iTunes? So I won't have to do it, one by one?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) April 24th, 2008

My music files are on my laptop hard drive, and I would like to move them to my external HD and have iTunes play it from that location. How do I do it all at once?!

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If you currently have an iTunes library on your laptop, open iTunes, click “file” then “export library” and export to your external HD.

Next, close iTunes and hold the alt/option key (on a mac) while reopening the application. If you’re using a PC, look up “using multiple libraries” in the help menu to see which key to press. This will open a dialog for you to create a new library or choose a different library. Click “choose library” and navigate to the folder on your external HD.

If your music files are scattered all over the place run a search for the file type(s) and then copy and paste all files to a folder in your external HD. Do the same thing with the iTunes library selection.

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I have the same problem. My dad backed up everything into files and wiped out everything. All my songs from iTunes are gone, they’re all in files. I need an answer too.

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What has worked for me on a mac is to just open the files directly. If you can get them all in one spot, select all and then right/option click and select open with iTunes. It should import them into iTunes.

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@kevbo: Thanks, I’ll try that.

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