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Am I dead yet?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27474points) May 20th, 2011

I just don’t know. Did it happen already, the end? Were the chosen ones taken and the undeserving left behind to wait until October for what seems to be the next stage of the ending process? I checked the fridge and no more catsup…and we never run out of catsup! Never! What does that mean? So am I dead yet?! ( I hope there’s catsup in Hell )

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If you are, I am too. Nothing appears to have changed though.

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Um isn’t it supposed to last for 5 months or so, just the um… re…raw… rapture-thingie is today? I don’t know.

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Bill Maher is still on.

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@6rant6 Bill Maher still on? Then yes, I’m already dead. Who else will I be left behind with?

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I guess we weren’t raptured… better go and find some guns, water, a stash of food, a 4×4 and a hot chick wearing sort of apocalyptic clothing. Well that’s what I learned from the Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse Lesson 1, with Fiddle Playing Creole Bastard. I feel unprepared… perhaps I shouldn’t have skipped the other lessons.

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@Bellatrix I sincerely hope we could do all these panicking in an organized way. I’m still reading World War Z and if anything it said about how the zombie apocalypse would devastate the world…oh wait, I hear scratchings on my door…

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Organised… does organised also mean we have to be civilised? I was hoping to turn into a gun toting, zombie terminator and I wasn’t planning on being very civilised… I think Dan or FPCB will be here soon to organise us.

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I’m working, so… not dead, not raptured. Just as I suspected.

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” /me yawns ”

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Does this mean I still have to finish this work for Monday? Crap… I am in the shit. I was counting on the world ending.

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I wonder. They said 6 pm.May 21st. Is that 6 pacific, central or atlantic time? I have movies to watch. I hate it when I get interupted during a movie.

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You can try asking yourself one simple question. “Am I alive?”

If you’re able to answer, congratulations! You are not dead!

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@mazingerz88 Dam it that may mean the first crack is right under your ketchup. (or you have ketchup gremlins ) So are you in Pacific or Cental or Atlantic. I need to know which movie time I need to select to see the Pirate movie.
I heard the Donald’s toupe may be the first thing to get swallowed up.

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@Pandora Atlantic. Luckily I just saw the pirate movie yesterday. Should I have waited since maybe the scare could have brought the 3D price down?

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Yup, the Netherlands are gone already, very sad….....

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just like answerbag.

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I am asking myself the same question.

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Does this mean I still have to mow the lawn?

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Yes,but you are dressed well and that is what really counts.:)

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I’m starting to think that no one made it into heaven. Surely, we canadians must be going…I should start packing :P

P.S. Once I arrive, I’ll log into Fluther to let everyone know how it is.

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It’s supposed to begin at 6:00pm local time, a rolling Apocalypse, as it were, so chill out, have a cup of tea… and wait for your DOOOM!

Me? Please, I’m not going to heaven. I’m going to see Richard Ayoade talk about his new movie at 5:45.

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@mazingerz88 I just checked my refrig and I got plenty Ketchup in there you can borrow some of mine since it appears if we are dead we are all in the same place.

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Well, Camping, you’ve done it again. Congratulations.

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If Bill Maher is on, this might be Heck. That would be supported by the missing Katsup, since people would be trying to BBQ.
I’m going to go look for Jimi Hendrix.

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@mazingerz88 Ah, movie theaters are the devils playground. You’ll never get a discount, earthquake or no earthquake. However the effects might’ve been great and maybe their would’ve been less people. Maybe.
@creative1 Hmmm! This very well could be heck. I mean it wouldn’t surprise me if the devil is just some big fat lazy bastard that was kicked out of heaven because all he wanted to do was chase 72 virgins and eat all day and not lift a finger to get anything done but he was unionized and so he couldn’t be fired and he was sent here.

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Today’s tune from my favorite Joe Jackson album.

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Okay, first thing we need to establish about fighting zombies is fashion. We have to be fashionable zombie fighters. Dark sunglasses are a must, for fashion and deflecting splatter. Heavy boots, which you’d think are for stomping and kicking zombies, are in fact mostly to look badass. Any questions?

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@filmfann LOL. Joe Jackson yeah! But this works better for me though. Who says you can’t be in Heck and not have soothing sounds?

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Yeah sure, you’re typing this question but you’re dead. Where’s the common sense?

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@Luiveton The common sense died with him.

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@incendiary_dan Forget the catsup, I’m with you to Heck and back!

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@mazingerz88 Catsup!? I’m all about ketchup. Actually, I’ve been meaning to make some traditional fermented ketchup.

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I’m not getting a cable signal. Uh Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I was wondering that myself too, because I was planning on heading over to Taco Bell for lunch. It would be a real shame if they didn’t have any hot sauce : (

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My foots gone numb!

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@jaiyan ok welcome and that was funny! Lol.

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@perspicacious You should’ve paid your cable bill.
@ jaiyan, Stop sitting on your foot.
Its after midnight and we are all alive so I guess we have to continue on until the next false alarm.
@mazingerz88 You probably used up all your ketchup in your bloody mary and so that is why you don’t remember running out.

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