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Which two different sports can you combine creating a new game?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25921points) June 20th, 2011

Super silly question I know so please feel free to combine any two or even three different sports and just have fun giving this new silly game a funny name if you like. Also, who knows, a certain combination might actually sound like it could be developed for real?

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volleyball and swimming

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I’d like to combine soccer and volleyball. In doing this, we’d be able to use our hands as well as our feet during a soccer game. Some people would enjoy this a lot more!

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When I was in high school, a bunch of us combined playing Frisbee and tag to play Killer Frisbee. There was tackling, and once, a de-pantsing.

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My mind went to table tennis + field hockey—table tennis paddles and ball, field hockey field.

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Rowing and volleyball.

A bunch of blokes in a boat, using paddles to shove a ball over a net. Sounds like some type of viking sport!

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Soccer and Hockey. It would be like soccer on skates ..with uh no sticks.
Um…. Sockey or Hocker.

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Golf and basketball, trying to hit something into a net skillfully, with a golf club.

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The “sport” of being naked and women’s beach volleyball.

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Archery and Basketball

The only allowed way to stop your opponent’s ball from getting into the ring is to shoot it with an arrow.

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@Jude That would be the answer to my prayers! Hahaha. Those women are beautiful.

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It’s a combination of trap shooting and Nascar.All spectators are given shotguns and the cars are made out of clay. ;))

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It’s unnatural to run around and just kick the ball. This allows you to pick it up and throw it into the net, or kick it in for a goal. There are basketball and soccer goals on either side.

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Cage Fight Speed Chess!

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Mountain biking with javelin for Cycavin or Mountain Biking with rifle shooting for Bikathlon. Lets not forget fencing and kayaking, call it what you want.

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Shooting and tag.

I shoot your foot, now tag, you’re it.

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I would combine dodgeball and golf. It would be played without protective gear and the goal would be for the golfer to get the ball in the hole using only a one wood and a putter . . . unless he is knocked unconscious by the squad of dodgeballers intent on scoring by knocking him out with the D batteries they use in lieu of balls. The club can be used to deflect batteries and hit the dodgeballers but each swing counts as a stroke.

The winner is determined by a nearly indecipherable equation involving, among other things, a stroke:batteries thrown ratio, a bodily injury index and number of bleeding innocent spectators

I would cal it Fuckingawesomeball.

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Water polo and Ultimate.

Next time someone kicks you under the water, you can drown him. Anything goes. The team that has one last surviving member wins.

I call it murderball.

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Curling and synchronized swimming….I am still working out the details.

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Sex and the Marathon ( need I explain? )

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Pole vault and diving. Might as well add in gymnastics and have competitors finish as a floor ex.

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Oh, oh. Calf roping and speed skating!

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Indycar & bowling. Only with rednecks as the pins.
They could line em up on the straights & just watch those good ol boys scatter!

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