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What would make you break off a friendship?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22681points) May 23rd, 2011

There are times when you feel you are closer to a friend more than your own family and most everyone cannot seem to live happily without friends. Yet like all relationships we all have our set limits and boundaries we never want to cross and if a friend pushes hard enough, we may be forced to part ways with them. What are these deeds, these circumstances that would make you kill a friendship?

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I tend to cut back or cut off hanging out with people whose habits and values are drastically different than my own. I’ve cut off or nearly cut off ties with raging sexists and anti-environmentalists. Getting pretty close to cutting it off with some proto-fascists.

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She was way too needy, always needing a ride someplace. We went to a convention together, and she didn’t pay her agreed upon share of our room. She disregarded her dietary requirements and had medical emergencies on a regular basis. She kept calling me with divorce issues that I wasn’t qualified to help with. Most of her complaints about her ex-husband and the children appeared to me to be her fault.

We started out as fun friends going to square dances together and enjoying each others company, but her problems just got worse and worse. She needed professional help.

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1. Don’t take your stuff out on me
2. Don’t lie to me
3. Don’t manipulate me
4. Don’t play mind games with me

I just let go of a ‘friend’ of 7 years when I became aware of her manipulative passive aggressive side. I confronted her and, her reaction told me everything I needed to know.
She played dumb & innocent, feigned not ‘remembering’, tried to tell me she DID ask, argued for her ‘intentions’, and, then, of course, the coupe de gras…the GUILT trip! lol

” I just don’t understand WHY you had a problem with this!”

Then…classic PA ‘punishment’, she gave ME the silent treatment for a month. haha

Didn’t work, and I told her that she had SHOWN me, through her actions, that she was not a safe to confront person. That we should just leave it with the saying ” there are reasons and seasons for all relationships” and that OUR season was OVER!

Can’t paste the leaf back on the tree after it’s fallen. lol

It didn’t go well and she got very upset, more guilt tripping….blah, blah, blah….

Another month of silence, then, a guilt tripping voicemail.

I told her to not contact me anymore.

I am very comfortable with my decision. I have no desire to deal with emotionally immature people. See ya…save the drama for your mama. :-)

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I cut a friendship with someone because I was helping her out with a house and a job and then she ended up leaving a day before her interview for some BS reason. She lied to me about the reasoning and said it was a family issue when it really was to hook up with an ex that gave her nothing but trouble.

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Newly adopted religious extremism

Their mal treatment of another mutual friend.

Stealing from me or another mutual friend.

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When being in that friendship becomes unhealthy for me.

I recently cut ties with a friend because associating with her started to make me feel really unhappy. Whenever we would communicate I would feel emotionally numb and distant afterwards. Talking with her would put me in a bad mood. Her negativity would resonate in my thoughts. I found myself trying to muster up enough energy just to even call her. She’s an emotional vampire, a leech…and I was drained of both energy and happiness by allowing her in my life. It really hurt as I began withdrawing from her, but I can’t change who people are or who they choose to become. I hope she can find happiness someday, but I can’t allow her to suck me dry until she does. I allowed her to affect me that way because I loved her so much and I wanted to help, but I realized she needed help only a professional could give. The attachment slowly faded away and now that I let her go, I’m emotionally a lot happier.

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When the friendship revolves around them and their needs only.
If I’m spending time with someone and I come away feeling drained regularly.
It’s hard walking away from friendships, but it’s harder on me to endure that kind of bs.
I’ve had ups and downs with a friend for years and love her dearly, but I’ve been feeling like her dumping ground for quite a while. She has fun-time with her other friends, comes and dumps all of her issues on me, thanks me for being this that and the other and then I don’t hear from her until the next problem arises. As hurtful as it is, it’s time to let go of that relationship.

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When the person persists in holding a distorted view of my behavior. You can only say “No, that’s not what I’m doing” so many times.

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If any suspicions were confirmed, about their character I mean. That & if they dared to criticise my fashion sense. What’s wrong with flip-flops, a sarong & a biker jacket eh?

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Only in the case if my friend tel lies to me and start hiding things from me..then there is no need to break friendship as its already distorted. You just have to part anyhow!

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betrayal, i cannot forget that.

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The reasons @Coloma and @stardust listed are exactly it.

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