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Any tips on wearing a bikini?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5906points) May 21st, 2011

This summer I wanted to try something new, with my insanely busy summer schedule. I came to a new school where all the girls wear bikins. I always wore one-pieces, and so when I told my new friends they made fun of me because they ride up. (Uggh)
Now, Im honestly not the skinniest girl around, and I don’t have that much time until summer break, so any advice on bikinis?

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I have always just double-knotted the strings on the sides and top.
That’s it! Have fun this summer:)

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Buy one that fits correctly. Ignore the size on the tag and go for the fit. Perhaps look for a brand that has mix and match tops and bottoms. Lands End has different styles of bottoms that match the tops so you can get something you feel comfortable in.

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Wear what is comfortable to you. If you don’t look good in a string bikini, then don’t get one. Get one of your new friends to go bathing suit shopping and get their input on how certain suits look on you. It’s summer, you are young, have a great time!

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What school is this where all the girls wear bikinis? I want to go to that school!

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@HungryGuy hahaha I guess you are hungry for something? ;)

Girl please. Just because everyone else is wearing bikini doesn’t mean that you have to do it. Wear what makes you feel comfortable… but if you really must wear one then I suggest swimming everyday.. It not only works your arms and legs but its works your whole body ;)

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I don’t have advice on Bikinis. I have advice on Self Confidence though.
But if you really want; you can lose weight in a short time if you seriously work out everday. I have a friend who lost 4Kg in four days. Plus eat alor of sugar free gum, it distracts you from eating. If you want to keep it simple, do 10 situps everyday in the morning at at night. Trust me.

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Don’t let your friends control you. You are your own person! That’s giving into peer pressure, which as I recall from school, that’s the number one thing you shouldn’t do!

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You can always claim sun sensitivity and wear a big shirt over it. I get a rash if I am in the sun more than 10 minutes, so I always cover up.

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And most of all, wear it with confidence! Love who you are and your new bikini. Have a great summer!

Sarongs can be a very pretty way to add a little cover if you do feel it necessary.

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Drink a lot of water and you won’t feel bloated if you decide to wear one. Trust me it works.

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You can try a vintage style two-piece, with a higher more declarative waist. Maybe more of a tankini, or this then you will not be in a one-piece but not hanging out there as much as a bikini; especially if you have less than an 8 “bikini body”.

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@Hypocrisy_Central How nice of you to decide that only an 8 and above “bikini body” deserve to wear a bikini out in public.

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@chyna Oh c’mon…..she posted she was not the skinniest and she never got bikinis. I am trying to point her to swimwear that will work with what she has and be less likely to get her talked about. From a guy’s perspective, believe me, even at a #8 bikini body she might get talked about. I did not hear you tell her wear what she want or wear a micro bikini and piss on what anyone else said. Or, is that what you are trying to tell her via a comment on what I said?

I can’t decide what she can or should wear because I have not even seen her, so I could not say what I think would look best on her.

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I told her to wear what she was comfortable in. Third comment down.

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