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How can I lose 5 pounds in one week?

Asked by Julietxx3 (712points) January 16th, 2011

I really want to lose five pounds before winter break because I’m going to Florida with some friends. Any tips or weight loss plans?
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***** CAN TAKE UP TO 2 WEEKS *******

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Two weeks is more reasonable. The Special K diet claims to take off six pounds in two weeks.

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Short of amputating a leg, you will lose only water and in a very unhealthy way. Five lbs will not ruin your vacation. Stand up straight and hold your stomach in.

Then start to eat well, eat a little less daily than you have and get a little more daily exercise.

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I say based on what everyone is saying choose a healthy plan and (my doc always said following the food guide is a healthy diet) start the 2 week thing you will be halfway there when you get there and then just continue it on your vacation to lose the other 3 lbs and then for possibly the rest of your life continue with the plan so you can try to always stay the weight you like while being a healthy eater 

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I agree that a week is kinda short, it’s likely to just be water weight, but the 4 day diet detox, which is the first module will help you shed those initial pounds quickly. But be prepared to eat a lot of fruit, leafy greens, and brown rice!

Otherwise, just enjoy your trip! I agree with @gailcalled 5 lbs is not going to be that much of a difference, just enjoy the time with your friends!

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I dont think 5lbs will give you much of a difference. You won’t be able to see it except when you step on the scale. I think the recommendation is 1–2lbs/week as a healthy weight loss. Start with drinking only water, eat a well balanced, low calorie diet and get with an excersize program…

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if health is not an issue, you can start a roster of amphetamines. that has worked well in the past.

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Probably will be more like 3 pounds. Eat fewer calories, around 500–700 less per day, a little less salt, and exercise a little more. Abracadabra three pounds. It will make a difference, if you are 5’6 or shorter. And, espeically if you are not very overwieght. Your clothes will fit a little looser.

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To those above saying it will be mostly water; water counts when you want to look slimmer or fit into something.

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Tone up—lose inches, not pounds.
Exercise a lot this week—a week may not be enough to do much but you will feel better

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Drinking lots of water and running like 4 miles a day might help, But I dont think thats very healthy….

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Drink lots of water and walk 2 miles every day plus do exercises targeting various parts of the body.

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Eat approximately 75% of the calories you’re currently ingesting on average (stick mainly to complex carbohydrates with some protein thrown in) and commit yourself to more exercise, atleast 45 minutes a day, with a focus on cardio and reasonable breaks in between, or a rest day if necessary. After a week this could lead to losing approximately 1 – 3 pounds dependent on age, genetics, body type and metabolism among other variables.

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You really can’t, safely.

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Well I’ve done it before with a really specific diet and I lost 6 pounds in one week and I didn’t do any exercise.. but i forgot what the diet was… so I thought maybe someone else might have a new trick.

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