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Are men's pedicures a fad or taboo for men?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) May 21st, 2011

Once a month, my wife has her nails done in a nail salon. I usually wait in the car for her, but on my last trip, I walked into her nail salon to use the bathroom. To my surprise, I saw two men soaking their feet and waiting for a pedicure. Question: did I miss something here or is the trend now for men to have a pedicure? Yes or no, are these mens pedicures a fad or is it considered taboo for men?

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They may have just been trying to relieve problems with ingrown toenails.
I doubt they were getting nail polish applied.

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Podiatrists often recommend pedicures because it’s a way for people to keep ahead of their feet issues (and having a pedicure that gets rid of ingrown toenails and calluses and whatnot costs $20, an appointment with a podiatrist to do the same costs $100+).

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Lots of men get pedicures. No polish, just a trim and buffing, dead skin removed from heels, etc. Manicures, too.

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A couple of male friends have confessed that they regularly get pedicures. It’s not only for the reasons that @MyNewtBoobs gives; they enjoy it as well. I doubt they opt for the polish, but I’ve never asked for verification.

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Manicures and pedicures are simply having maintenance done on your hands and feet. Polish is entirely optional.

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A pedicure isn’t always only buffing and clipping. In a good salon you can sit in a massage chair as you wait for your feet to be attended too. Then they proceed with the buffing and cutting. After everything is done, then they massage your feet. For 25 bucks it feels great and your feet certainly feel better. (personally though, I don’t trust many to be really sterile so I do my own feet and massage) However, I do believe I caught fungus on my big toe when I went to a crappy little salon.
If you decide to go to one watch and see if they sterilize the foot baths in between.

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I’ve seen men actually get clear polish on the, makes them look clean and shiney

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I’ve seen lots of men getting pedicures. No polish but it gets the rough skin off of their heels and shapes their toe nails. It’s very relaxing.

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If I ever considered a pedicure for myself, I would either go to another county or another state, where no one knew me. For some reason or another, I have never felt that pedicures were for men, also.

One day, maybe I will be brave enough to take the step.

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It makes sense if you’re showing off your feet regularly. I usually wear boots, so I wouldn’t bother myself. Of course, if I was still spending so much time walking barefoot like I used to, I’d probably just to it myself.

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Nothing more to add, I think the others have nailed it!
Oh, that was toe curlingly bad!

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I think that it shouldn’t be intimidating for a guy to get a pedicure. It’s not like they’re gonna paint your toenails haha. I have talked to some of my guy friends and they think pedicures are great! Plus, it’s not like you have to tell anyone. They can be your little secret. :) (If you want.)

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@john65pennington Have you tried it yet?

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