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The world didn't end. What do you think the "prophet" will say is the reason?

Asked by Aster (20016points) May 21st, 2011

I think he’ll say that one of his mathematical equations was off but NOW he knows the REAL date. What reason do you think he’ll give that we’re all still here?

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I would agree with you that he will say the mathematical equation was off. Didn’t he say that last time?

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Houston, We have a problem?

No wait, that’s what the Pope said to the astronauts today.

I’m sure he’ll just blame it on Obama.

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“Whoops forgot to carry a one, it’s next year folks!”

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@ColoradoMom I don’t know what he said last time; I had never heard of him. I’m so superstitious I’m glad I was super busy today and forgot about it lol

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He’ll say:

edit: oops, didn’t answer the question properly.

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Maybe we’re all heathens and no one was faithful enough to go to heaven. Jesus was so disappointed in us he decided not to come. Or he’s on a vacation.

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Did I say May 21, 2011? Oh I meant Yam 12, 1102! Yes, yes that’s it…hmmm…or it could be 0112 Aym 21…? Anybody…?

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I’m sorry. Wrong planet….

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I think he’ll say we’re all sinners and have to all wait until October.

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