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What is the best part of Baltimore in which to rent an apt?

Asked by zahava85 (131points) April 24th, 2008

Will be attending graduate school at Bloomberg (JHU) located in downtown Baltimore. Need something on the shuttle route, that allows cats, and not too pricey!

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There aren’t really traditional apartment complexes near Hopkins. You might have some luck looking for rooms to rent on craigslist. Also, I would be weary of the neighborhoods really close to the campus.

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I think around ware the wire was filmed should be a good place for you to live..

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@Ket: *wary :-)

@acrazy *where :-)

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Yes, those blocks. It’s right downtown, and you have quick access to recreational drugs when you need that boost.

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What! People are being rude. Try 21210. the craigslist suggestion was a good one. There are plenty of other places that you should check out first…Create a google map and start adding possible points.

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If you go near Hopkins, you’ll find some really good ones. Also, there are some in Bolton Hill.

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You probably already have a place to live by now, but as a former Baltimore resident, here are a couple of ideas: Charles Village near the JHU Homewood campus (you can take the free Hopkins shuttle to JHSPH) or Mount Vernon (can also take free shuttle from there. For a while, I lived in a nice building near Homewood called The Marylander.

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