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If given the ability to talk with just one animal specie, which would it be and why?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26232points) May 23rd, 2011

Do Tarzan and Dr. Doolittle have anything on you? Nah! You have the power to communicate with an entire specie of any animal of your choice. You can be as simple as a friend to all of them or you could be their high-profile world leader, looking after their interest and maybe even make some profit as you advocate their cause and negotiate business in their behalf.

A playful question nothing more. If you could come up with real funny answers that will be great. Thanks!

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Some sort of bird. They’d make great spies. Of course, I actually do know how to interpret a bit of bird language.

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Dolphins, simply because I’ve heard they are one of the most intelligent animals.

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Cats. Because then my cats could finally explain to me just exactly why it is that they wake me up an hour before my alarm goes off, with a clean litter box, full water and food bowl, and no desire to play, just so that we can go sleep in the other room. I mean, what. the. fuck?!?!

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Dogs, just to find out if my dog really is under the impression that she’s a human being and that all furballs and feathered fiends must die.

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Dogs or elephants, hmmm. I think I understand dogs pretty well already.

So Elephant.

I want to speak fluent Elephant. I shall be king of the elephants.

Wait, is that Babar?

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Rats. I’d want them to tell me where there are some nice Columbian emeralds.

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@Neizvestnaya They probably will after you agree to help free their comrades being used in drug testing laboratories?

@jaytkay Yours is the grandest entrance if there’s an animal summit! You’re Hannibal dude!

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Birds, specifically birds of prey as in owls. To own the night airspace would be insanely cool!

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My 13 year old chinese gander ‘Marwyn’. He alway’s has SO much to say!
I’d love to know what his memories are of our 13 years down on the farm together! He’s my darling, my darling Marweeen! He makes me happy, when skies are gray…haha one of ‘our’ songs! lol

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Men. Lord knows I’ve tried to understand them for near two decades now. LOL

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Give it up, get a goose! I always Marwyn is the best man I’ve ever had. Loyal, devoted, follows me everywhere, stares at me adoringly, and never complains about eating the same thing for dinner every night. Cracked corn, bread, water and a bowl of lettuce. hahaha

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Speaking of grand entrances, welcome to Fluther, @intimus!

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Dr. Doolittle? It was my past nickname before I lost my ability to communicate and got promoted as a royal member…,OK I’ll stop the BS if you don’t like. Well if I can then I’ll ask an octopus how smart it is. Some people said that octopus is the most intelligent creature if only it could talks. “Hey Mr.Octo do you think you’ll taste good on my grill?”

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@jaytkay why thank you!

and @Coloma LOL in all honesty, I probably am gonna go for a goose! They seem way better LOL and I like the part about not complaining about dinner

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I was married for 22 years, I’ll stuck with my goose now too! lol

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@MyNewtBoobs I thought of cats too, but then figured they would just give me the silent treatment. Cats are like that.

So I guess it would have to be dogs. They’re always sniffing out what’s going on, they sniff out everything!

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Depends on the cat. MY cat likes to hang out with me a lot. He was just on the hot tub cover hangin’ with me while I relaxed.
Of course Marwyn likes the hot tub more, but, he only gets to go in when it’s cold. Wouldn’t want to cook my goose. lol

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@Coloma Your cat has you well trained. He might not hang out with you if you can talk to him!

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Yeah, he’s a hanger but not a talker. Like a lot of guys, he’s there, in silence. lol

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Fish so I could know exactly what lure to use.

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Flies. Then I would no longer wish to be a fly on the wall. I could just talk to one that was there.

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Oh, I could chat with this awesome bird for hours on end.

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wow! I wish if this could be possible..I would love to chat with birds…just to bring out how they fly so high with a small body and how they sing so well..

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Dogs, they are just amazing, i would like to know what my dog was thinking when my leg was broken and she followed me up ,and down the stairs, one at a time ,several times, then sat at the bottom of the stairs and watched till i reached the top ,.there are many instances when she was aware of some one having special needs, she was always protective… oh how i would love to TALK with her !!

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I have communicated with a jackass before.
It’s really not all that fascinating.;)

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@noelleptc Tsk! I fear the day you get to speak to sharks! : )

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