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Is there any way to get high that's so stupid even humans won't try it?

Asked by ETpro (34503points) May 24th, 2011

A story in today’s news notes that New York state has outlawed certain forms of bath salts because too many people have ended up in emergency rooms with chest pains, delusions, hallucinations, hypertension (high blood pressure), paranoia, suicidal and/or violent behavior. The article didn’t mention how people inject them—snorting, shooting, eating or drinking. If I knew, I’d keep it to myself anyway.

What pushes some of us to do such risky things to alter our state of consciousness?

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There’s a lot of pain out there. Mostly people are lonely and feel disconnected from each other in a spiritual kind of way. Drugs can throw you into that metaphysical realm and you can feel more of a connection and more love and less pain. What’s not to like?

It’s a quick fix, of course, and it doesn’t have staying power, so you have to use more drugs to do it again. Finally, because you didn’t work for it, it doesn’t mean much. You don’t respect what you’ve got nor what you’ve done.

It was too easy. In the end, you even lose respect for what you were reaching for. You become cynical about its existence. Then you fall into a deeper hole than you were in in the beginning.

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Wow! That explains why I feel so utterly relaxed in my jacuzzi! ;)

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Lack of education, wanting to escape from a shitty reality, too much misdirected thrill seeking etc. When I used to smoke a lot of weed in high school, I was pressured by friends to try random different ways of getting high, but I was always skeptical of their methods and of other, man-made chemical drugs. I already knew marijuana was a plant, but I didn’t want smoke something that was made by some thugs in a grungy basement.

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Wtf? That is sad.

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I don’t there is a form too stupid, because jenkem exists.

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I get high off of lurve. Is that stupid?

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Unfortunately, people have yet to hit the bottom of the stupid pit

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@wundayatta Thanks for reigning in my sense of sarcasm. You are quite right. I saw the comic side of the story, but indeed it is a tragicomic one.

@Cruiser Ha! GA!

@Blackberry Amen.

@Jude Time generally teaches that. Some get an early and rapid education in it, and others get their PhD in it later.

@cockswain Wow. I hadn’t heard of that. Point taken. :-)

@erichw1504 Here’s a little high for you then. :-)

@King_Pariah The race to the bottom continues.

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I really don’t think so.

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OK, let me tell you something…these are not actually “bath salts”. They are semi-legal stimulants/hallucinogens that can only be sold legally as some sort of legitimate, legal product. So someone decided on bath salts.

They aren’t really little envelopes full of actual fragranced salts.

As far as what we’ll do to get high, well, speaking as someone who has struggled with and been beneficially altered by drugs, all you need to do is look at the world around you and take in the effect said world has on you to understand why one would want to find something (possibly inside oneself, possible accessed by a catalyst that requires some pleasure and some pain) to help them along or carry them away. Also, there are the feelings of inertia and boredom to help the younger ones along.

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I think the lengths that Johnny Knoxville and his buds have gone to, and will push, is a good indicator that the extent of substance experimentation is not even close in sight…

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Totally fucked Screwed up story that just happened where I live: Guy had been doing bath salts for days, stole his neighbors pygmy goat. Neighbor suspects him, goes in his house, finds goat with throat slashed, douchebag is standing there in womans bra and panties masturbating over goat. Really? This is what you want to do with your life?

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@chyna Is that story for real? Because if so I’m going to tell it to a lot of people.

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Yes, it absolutely is. Let me find the newspaper article and link it for you. link

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That’s going on facebook.

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Now I have a face to add to that visual… (headslap, headslap)

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I think the various answers here prove that you are right.

@Ladymia69 Thanks for a heartfealt answer. And in my past, I’ve tried just about everything but herion and crystal meth myself. So I am talking about myself when I talk about human foibles and getting high.

@chyna Story confirmed. OK That proves it for me. We humans can be beyond stupid.

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Yep. Cranking one out over a slaughtered goat. Amazing.

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@cockswain Actually, far from being amused by that, I think that’s really fucked up and sad. If I found the fucker that slashed that goat’s throat, I would probably castrate him right there. Doesn’t anyone feel sorry for the sentient beings and children who get fucked over by people on drugs???

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@Ladymia69 Thanks for the link. You know, I found the whole story extremely sad. From the goat to its owner to the guy so whacked out on drugs he would do something so vile and embarrassing, it’s all fucked up.

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@ETpro The lady who owned the goat called my SIL because she raises pygmy goats to see if she could buy one from her. My SIL would’ve gave them a goat, but she didn’t know if the nut job was going to get out of jail and move back in the house and kill or abuse another goat. She didn’t want to be any part of putting another goat in danger.

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This guy should never be allowed to own a gun for his entire life.

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@chyna BTW that link didn’t say anything about the guy masturbating over the goat.

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I noticed that. It was on our local news that he did while looking at a porn magazine laying beside the goat.

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Your embellishment got me a bit more inflamed than necessary.

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Excuse me? I didn’t embellish anything. It was reported on the local news that he masterbated while standing over the goat in womens clothes looking at porn.

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Sorry, I read that wrong, thought he was just laying with a porn magazine next to the goat…Jesus, i didn’t want to believe it…do you have a link to a clip of the news cast?

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Here Couldn’t find the clip of the newcast, but this is another news article where it talks about what he did standing over the goat.
I hope you believe me now.
edit to add: Yes, if you click on the guys picture, you get the webcast too.

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@chyna GOD, that is awful….I feel really sorry for the goat…good thing he didn’t get ahold of a child or something…yes, i believe you, but i really, really, didn’t want to…and I stand by my punishment…CASTRATE him! lol

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