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A more manly version of the Cosmopolitan mixed drink?

Asked by metadog (381points) May 24th, 2011

I admit it, I like Cosmopolitans. When my wife orders one, I get one too. However, when I’m out with “the guys,” I would like to order something similar… without all of the ribbing. Does such a drink exist? Maybe the same thing with a different name?

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Vodka martini….shaken not stirred!

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Vodka and cranberry is pretty close, but I’m not sure it’s really that much less feminine than Cosmos – Cosmos have sugar and are in a martini glass, but otherwise they’re the same. If you’re concerned about ordering gendered drinks, why not just get a scotch or a beer? Perhaps a Sapphire gimlet to mix things up. Or, just embrace your love for Cosmos and tell the guys to man up and order what they like to drink as well.

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Russian Turkey with lime.

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A male friend also likes Cosmopolitans. On occasion, I have seen him teased by one or more people in the group. He either ignores the comment or says that it is his choice. It has always quieted the teasers. I could be wrong, but it seems like speaking up about supporting a personal opinion on such a frivolous topic of choice of drink may be a way to help educate your friends that sweet drinks are not limited to being appreciated by a specific sex or gender.

If you want away around it but still have a Cosmopolitan, how about asking for it to be served in a lowball or highball glass? I could be way off-base, but I suspect having a cocktail served in a martini glass that includes fruit juice is more likely to experience ridicule of the purchaser.

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I agree a vodka cranberry with a slice of lime. It will be missing the triple sec though.

@Pied_Pfeffer mentioned a good idea, asking for it in a lowball, or if you know you will have two a highball maybe. If you order it in front of everyone, they know you have a cosmo in a tall glass, but if you order at the bar and walk over with it, you can just say it is a vodka cranberry.

I think you should just order the cosmo, the glass would matter for me.

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eh I never put much weight into the whole male/female drinks thing. I dont understand why men arent allowed to like fruity drinks. Fruity drinks taste fucking great imo. I say order the cosmo and ignore those who give ya shit.

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You could order a Manhattan (whiskey, vermouth, bitters, maraschino cherry) or a Sidecar (bourbon, cointreau, lemon juice). Classy.

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Whiskey neat.

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Order a Seabreeze – vodka, cranberry, grapefruit juice or a Madras – vodka, cranberry, orange juice. They’re served tall. Or just vodka and cranberry juice. All are great summer drinks.

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Oh, yeah, sea breeze. Or, you can order Bay Breeze for something sweeter.

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Rib your friends back with something along the lines of “Yeah, I know, it’s tough being so secure in my manliness that I can drink what the fuck I like, instead of hiding behind a beer like you pussies. Don’t let me stop you though”

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@BarnacleBill I don’t think Seabreezes are really any more masculine. They were the butt of many a “Finch isn’t a man” jokes in Just Shoot Me.

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It’s the cranberry. Pink/red drinks are going to seem girly I guess.

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Bars could start using white cranberry juice for the men.

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