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Can you help me fix a mixed drink?

Asked by metadog (381points) April 28th, 2010

Hi! While on a trip we came across a drink that consists of one part Grand Mariner (or triple sec) and one part peach schnapps. Then add a drop of bitters. This is ok, but the flavor is a bit strong. I think I am missing an ingredient. The original I had was less “boozy.” I would really like to figure out a way to economically make a pitcher of this for a party and some kind of filler would be good. Can you make a suggestion? Adding water just doesn’t seem right. Thanks!!

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Sure, Pass me the bottle and a glass will you?

Did the original maybe have orange juice in it? I recall something similar with orange juice.

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Was it this?

Brass Balls
Drink Type: Shooter – B

1½ oz. Grand Marnier – (more)
1 oz. Orange Juice – (more)
1 oz. Peach Schnapps – (more)
Shake, strain, pour and shoot!!


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We had the drink at a restaurant in New Orleans. It was called a “Smile.”

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I can’t find a drink recipe called a Smile with the ingredients you have mentioned.

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This is the closest recipe I have found, though I don’t think the mandarin liquor was in the recipe the restaurant was using.

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There used to be a great jazz club in San Francisco’s North Beach called the Keystone Korner where they served “Rahsaan’s Triple Threat”, named for Rahsaan Roland Kirk, who used to play with three instruments hanging on his neck.

The only bartender who knew how to make Rahsaan’s Triple Threat left without leaving the recipe. Not even the club’s owner — who wanted the drink in the first place — had the recipe.

My friend said: “I know one of the ingredients is rum. And there’s some red stuff in it…”.

He spent a day experimenting with many types of booze, trying to re-create a Rahsaan’s Triple Threat. I helped with the taste tests, even though my preferred drink at the Keystone Korner was 7-Up.

It took roughly 15 years for me to get that drunk again, and we never did quite capture the drink’s flavor.

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I would say you’re missing a mixer, like juice. I think @marinelife has it; just going by the flavors, I was going to suggest orange juice.

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I think @marinelife has it right. I only knew of it as Rocket Fuel (O-Club at Ft. Leonard Wood).

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