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Does anyone know the name of this font?

Asked by rawrgrr (1562points) May 24th, 2011

I have a PDF file but I need to know the name of the font. I believe it’s the same font Ikea uses (i think). Here’s a screen shot. Thanks!

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Open the file with Adobe Reader, choose File -> Properties -> Fonts and you can see a list of fonts in the document.

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Definitely Helvetica, or something based off of it.

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Ikea uses Verdana IIRC. But that certainly looks like Helvetica

edit :: I take back the Helvetica thing. The numeric characters are all wrong.

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Most definitely not Helvetica.

It’s Gotham

The a, e, and c are the easy giveaways

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Here;s what the CSS style sheet calls for on that page:

font-family: “Helvetica Neue”,Helvetica,Arial,Geneva,sans-serif;

So if you have Helvetica installed on your machine, that’s what you will see. If not, it will use Arial if available, then Geneva then the default Sans-Serif font for your machine if none of the named fonts are available. Almost all PCs and most Macs will have both Helvetica and Arial.

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Here;s what the CSS style sheet calls for on that page:

But the page shows a screenshot, a PNG, there is no text, the CSS does not control anything

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@ETpro you do realize thats the font style for the webpage hosting the screengrab and not the website that screengrab is of don’t you?

Like is said Gotham by Hoefler & Frere-Jones

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Ha! @jaytkay & @wenn; No, I didn’t till you noted it. Went back and tried to drag over the text and discovered my error. Sorry. Belay that previous post. :-)

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I think it’s Proxima Nova.

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It’s Avenir

Weights would be black for the titles and numbers, and book for the body text, with a little bit of negative tracking in both.

Hope it helps.

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@funkdaddy Nope. The lower case “r” is quite distinctive in the screen shot. Avenir’s “r” forward stroke is even sized throughout. Check the “r” in the word, “Desifners”. It’s narrow where it departs from the upstroke, and grows fat.

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@ETpro – The “r” in the black weight (bottom of the original linked page) is most definitely tapered. You can type in a custom phrase at the top to check it out.

To get an answer I pulled the original screen shot into photoshop and mocked up the text using different fonts and settings. Avenir matches.

The only thing I’d change from looking at it again would be to say the body text actually has positive tracking and is a pixel smaller than I thought originally.

Here’s a shot of the work in photoshop, I went back in and added labels for everything so you can recreate.

I wouldn’t have gone against the other guesses without doing some legwork, seems only polite.

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Thank you everyone for your help! After a bit of googling i discovered the fat bold font is actually called Futura.

@johnpowell I thought the name was Verdana too but after googling it I realized it’s way to ugly to be the actual font.

@funkdaddy Avenir seems to be the closest match Thank you so much!
Now I just need to find a way to download it

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edit: whoops nvm the actual font in the screenshot is not futura but the actual ikea font is.

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@funkdaddy All those fonts are close, but no cigar. Avenir is very close, but the lowercase “r” is not the same. Here is a GIF of a copy I made to see if the WhatTheFont pattern recognition tool at could recognize it. It could not.

But look at the “r” in it. compare it to a similar size one in Avenir. Note how the stroke to the right narrows as it approaches the vertical stroke. In Avenir, it doesn’t do that. So this is either a slightly different font, or one that has had some of its letters reworked by hand.

BTW, if anyone wants to pursue this further with the tool, the pattern recognition tool prefers greyscale TIFs with no more than 50 characters. Here is the TIF I used to see if it could identify the font.

I admire all you did to try to solve this one. I worked at it too. But I have to say I’m stumped.

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The original PDF is using Avenir. But the screen shot posted doesn’t duplicate it well.

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font-family: “Helvetica Neue”,Helvetica,Arial,Geneva,sans-serif

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