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Which should I get, an HTC or Android?

Asked by InkyAnn (2441points) May 25th, 2011 from iPhone

I currently have an iPhone 3G. Have had it for almost 2 years now and honestly I’m pretty sick of it. I have a friend that works at AT&T who gets to take home and play/learn all the new phones. When they came out with the HTC Inspire he got one to use and I got to play with it one night and loved it! Since then I have wanted one. He actually told me of a few other phones that he thought were better but I still wanted the Inspire. Now everyone I know are getting Androids and bragging about how great they are. So I guess what I’m really asking is if you have one of these brands (HTC or Android) which one do you have, why that one and what all can you do on it ( I.E cool apps, music apps like iPods if any like that, styles of texting, cool settings, what kind of Internet and what you can do on it, ex..)?

And of course any down falls these phones/brands you own may have.

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Oh and I am a HUGE texter and Internet user as well as music freak. So please keep that in mind. Thank you.

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HTC is, of course you know that, a phone brand and Android is an operating system.
HTC Inspire runs on Android.
So there really is no question whether you want the HTC or Android, you’ll get Android if you buy the Inspire.
As for which one is a good choice that is, i would say, a personal one.
Which one looks nice, gets good reviews, has the specs you like them to have, etc.

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Oh I didn’t know that HTC “is Android” When I’m on fb I’ll see friends posts that say “posted from HTC or posted from Android” so that lead me to the assumption that they were two different makers.

So then to help clear things up for me which HTC or Android do you guys have? And same questions for you regaurding those phones that I posted at the bottom of my main question above.

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And if they are “the same” then why do they advertise as different. Like ” The HTC Inspire or The Android ____”?

can you tell I’m lost when it comes to this stuff?

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@rebbel I know it’s my personal choice. But I don’t know much about them, what they have to offer and what sucks about them. I don’t want to read reviews. I want to know from an owners point of view what they personally like, dislike and know about the particular phone they have

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Many phone brands offer Android these days. Samsung and HTC are two brands and each have several models available. If your friends have different phones, check them out and see which feels best for you.

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My partner has a HTC Desire and has had no end of problems with it.

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Android is the operating system, but they also make their own phones. HTC makes a ton of cell phones, some of which run on the android operating system.

What carrier do you use/are you planning on using? That makes a HUGE difference in which phone I would suggest.

Since you obviously like the Android operating system, I would look up what the best ones are. The last time I looked (a little under a year ago), the big ones were the Evo 4g, the the Incredible, and something else.

I’m sure its different now. I think the Nexus 4g or something like that is supposed to be the next amazing one.

(it changes really often, just make sure you get one with a fast processor…. I have a Hero and the phone will slow down a lot, its the only drawback I’ve had).

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HTC has a few phones, not all are Android. But the Desire and the Incredible are two that are Android.

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Have a look at this website @Inked_up_chic.
It is a review site (which you said you were not looking for) but there the phones are also reviewed by people like you and me.

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I have an HTC Desire that runs on android and I love this damn thing.

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I have the HTC Desire Z (dubbed the G2 by T-Mobile) and I love it. It has both a touch screen and a full keyboard so it’s not like I ever have to choose between how I want to type. When I’m using the on-screen keyboard Swype makes it really easy to text – and fast! The battery life on this thing is better than any phone I’ve ever had before. And with seven – yes, seven! – home screens it’s pretty impossible to run out of space for apps and widgets. Yep, I love my phone. (cuddles HTC D Z)

Edit: And others are correct. Not all Androids are HTC brand.

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Thank you everyone.

@tedd I have AT&T. My sister and brother in law about two years ago really wanted iPhones but their credit was so bad that for their anniversary I opened an account in my name and got them each one. While I was at it I figured I’d get one myself. Since i already have an account with them I might as well stay with them. I can’t stand the iPhone anymore. Pardon my language(sp) but it’s a real big P.O.S. So far the only other phone I’ve had the chance to play with was the Inspire, I hear great thing about both HTC and Android. After reading this it seems that the Desire seems to be the general consensus.

If anyone has anyother phones they have ( that i can get through AT&T) and would like to tell me details about it I would greatly appreciate it.

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@Allie WOW I think you may have just sold me on that one haha. Sounds right up my ally. Thank you I’m going to look into that. Can I get it through AT&T?

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@Inked_up_chic It’s an awesome phone! I don’t have AT&T so I’m not sure about that, but I think if you get it from HTC (that is, not tied to a network) it will work with AT&T – someone correct me if I’m wrong.

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@Inked_up_chic @Allie If you get the Desire Z from HTC it will work on ATT, but since you aren’t buying it from a carrier it will be much more expensive. Honestly, if you liked the Inspire then you should get it, because actually using a phone in real life is the best way to find one you like. We can sit here and tell you why we like our own phones but that could be the total opposite for you.

And a little helpful hint: think of Android like Windows. It’s the operating system.

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I got the HTC Inspire about 2 months ago and it’s the best phone I’ve ever had. My priorities when shopping around was texting, web browsing, good camera and music player. The Inspire works great to accommodate all of these. The screen is massive, the biggest one I found so web browsing and watching videos is awesome, and super easy to text with…I didn’t want a full qwerty keyboard. The 8.0 Megapixel camera takes very nice pics and video. The music player is crap, but no problem there, as there are many better options to download for free in the marketplace. I never planned on linking my emails to the device, but ended up working very well.

Downsides – The battery life is the worst thing about this phone. The battery cover is a real pain to remove, but how often do you remove your battery, ya know? no big deal there. It’s a 4G phone, but speed tests reveal slower than 4G, at least in my area.

All in all, sweet phone, I highly recommend it! Feel free to message me if you have questions if you end up getting it.

*Edit – I don’t even really type anymore, it has great voice detection. I hit a button, speak into the mic, and it writes out my text. Works with internet searches too. Doesn’t work in noisy environments though.

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I have the HTC Inspire 4G, no complaints, I would recommend it.

My short list was Inspire or iPhone. The Inspire has a bigger screen and was $100 less, so voila, I am an Android user.

I really don’t know how an Android phone could be much better. I guess smaller would be easier to carry, but I wanted the big screen. Or I guess if you want a physical keyboard, it’s lacking.

re: I think if you get it from HTC…it will work with AT&T
Yes that is correct

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I know I’m late to the party but just to clarify something real quick, yes Android is an OS, but when somebody says they have an Android phone they mean the one made by Motorola. Now every brand like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc… is running Android OS but with a few “minor” differences like MotoBlur on the Motorola phones, which is like a “skin” on top of Android OS, and has mostly negative reviews in the sense that it slows down the phone. Now, HTC also have phones that run Windows OS, so if you decide to look somewhere else apart from the Inspire, you must make sure which OS the phone carries. But, I can tell you with confidence that you will not regret getting the Inspire. Enjoy!

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@mrmijunte when somebody says they have an Android phone they mean the one made by Motorola. Not true – many say they have an Android, and are in no way referencing Motorola.

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Motorola makes Droid phones which run the Android operating system, the confusion is understandable.

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Side note, I wouldn’t put much stock in phones being 4g at the moment. There aren’t a ton of cities that have active 4g networks set up, and a lot of “4g” phones are actually just 3g “on steroids.”

In another year or two I would put stock in it, once the networks are all set up. Though honestly by that time probably all the smart phones will be 4g.

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holy Android misconceptions batman

Okay, I’m going to award myself the title of most knowledgeable Android user in this thread and clarify some things.

1. Android is an operating system like Windows and Mac OS. If someone says they have an Android phone that is the same as saying you have a Windows laptop.

2. DROID is a brand of high end Android phones for Verizon. Motorola, HTC, and Samsung have all made DROID phones.

3. Motorola makes more than just DROID phones. That name is reserved for special phones on Verizon only. Moto has made other Android phones that aren’t DROID branded.

4. Google, the creator of Android, will design a phone once in a while. These are called Nexus phones, and only two have been made so far. The Nexus One, and the Nexus S.

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