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Does one brand of gasoline give better gas mileage?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) May 26th, 2011

Over the years, I have bought just about every brand of gasoline on the market for my Toyota Solara. I never buy the cheap brands, for fear they will damage my cars engine and not keep it clean. Do gas additives, by the manufacturer, really make a difference? Question: does one brand of gasoline give better gas mileage, than all the rest?

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I haven’t noticed a difference in the brands. On long trips it’s worth it to go with the higher octane.

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The effect is negligible. What matters is smart driving.

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Brands don’t really tend to give much better gas mileage. The difference lies in how much detergent and whatnot is in them. Name brands like BP or Sunoco or Shell tend to have a lot more than the off brands. The detergents keep your fuel system from getting gunked up as fast, and in the end provide you better gas mileage.

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The name on the sign frequently has nothing to do with which company pumped and refined the crude.

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With petro engines I would somewhat agree with @mattbrowne, but not completely. @tedd also makes a point. Many companies put additives in their gasoline. They say it’s to prevent this and that, but I don’t believe there’s been many out of house studies on it. I know ethanol isn’t very good for petro engines, but they do it as an additive to save on the price of barrels. I’d say the only real differences you’d see is in the grade. Higher octane is going to burn more efficiently than lower octane and it won’t leave behind as much residue, due to how well it burns. Although, smart driving as mentioned by @mattbrowne is key when trying to penny pinch your MPGs. Now Diesel fuel is another story. I have noticed a difference in batches with diesel fuel than gasoline.

So, Diesel yes. Gasoline, unnoticeable unless you’re very consistent in the way you drive, but noticeable in varying grades.

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@Axemusica As a person who has worked in depth on cars, including opening the engines and fuel systems…. I can tell you for fact the additives help a lot.

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The gasoline we get here all comes out of the same pipeline. The only difference between brands is which blend of additives they mix into each tanker of fuel.

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The guys on cartalk (NPR) say that the brand of gasoline (or using premium vs. regular) won’t have much impact on mpg, but buying cheapie gas (vs. a brand) can damage your engine. This page sums it up nicely:

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