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What's a good price to sell used baby clothes at a garage sale?

Asked by Lothloriengaladriel (1550points) May 26th, 2011 from iPhone

We’re having a garage sale this weekend to get rid of all my daughters things she’s grown out of and no longer plays with, most of the clothes looks almost new but since it is “used” I know people won’t pay too much, I was thinking .25 a piece, is that reasonable? thanks!

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oh and what about a bath tub and a pack and play ? I’m not quite sure how to price these things, everything is in great condition

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This depends on where you live & how you set up your sale.

How I do it:
I put the onesies or rompers in gallon sized zip locks and put in a paper tag explaining size & price…usually I do a couple of onesies for $2–4, or a matching outfit/set for $5.

I did the tub for $2, the bumbo & more popular items for $7–15. Ask a pinch higher so people feel they can dicker with you.

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Not sure if they have these kinds of places where you live, but here in MA and NH there are tons of clothing places that specialize in baby/children used clothing. You bring a bag of clothes in and they will go through it and tell you what they’ll give you for each piece. We have had great luck with these places selling and purchasing clothes.

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I was at a yard sale once that had a special on all clothing. They’d give you a grocery bag, the standard plastic kind, and they charged you $5 to fill it up with as much as you could stuff in. It seemed to work.

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Good advice already.

I’d put $1 on the clothes, other than onesies, then let people negotiate from there if they wish. I’d gladly pay a buck for good condition, slightly used baby clothes. In fact, if you are anywhere near New York state… :)

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I’m in Florida actually (: maybe I’ll try .50 and see what happens ! Thanks guys (:

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I always price it low enough that I can all but guarantee that it will sell; yet high enough that it’s worth my time. I ask myself, would someone pay $.75 for this; would they pay $1.00. That additional $.25 difference can really add up by the end of a sale. Price your things using 3 steps… new with tags, almost new, stained/ripped/wearing. The set-up of your sale will help sell things as well. Fold your clothes and put them into piles according to size. You might want to separate them further by onesies, outfits and singles (pants, shirts…etc). Make signs with sizes and put them in visible spots. Your goal in set-up is to make it as easy as possible for people to find things. Good luck.

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Whatever price you decide, you might want to make things easier all around by charging whole dollars ($1, $2, $3, etc.). That way it is easier to make change.

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Here in our neighborhood, they sell for $5 a bag full.

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