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How early do I need to leave (by cab) for a Saturday morning flight from Greenwich Village in NYC to LaGuardia airport?

Asked by Jaltcoh (279points) May 26th, 2011

I have a 7:30 a.m. flight at LaGuardia this Saturday (Memorial Day weekend). I live in Greenwich Village, just south of Washington Square Park. When do I need to be outside hailing a cab so I can be reasonably confident I’ll catch my flight? Would 3 hours in advance (4:30 a.m.) be good?

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“My yellow cab got me from 42nd Street & Vanderbilt to LaGuardia in just under 40 minutes, and the fare was $27, plus $4.50 for the Triboro Bridge toll, and a gratuity.”


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Shouldn’t be any traffic at that time on a Saturday so 4:30 should be plenty of time but I would look into the possibility of booking one through your hotel so you don’t have to worry about hailing one.

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Is your flight domestic or international?

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I am going to assume it is a domesic flight since it is Laguardia. I personally would leave at 5:00 for a scheduled car, maybe 5 minutes earlier to hail a cab. The ride should take 40 minutes, but you can always run into traffic. If you feel better giving yourself more time, for sure 4:30 is plenty.

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Thanks for the answers, everyone.

bob: My flight is domestic. I should have mentioned this.

janbb: As I said, I live in NYC, so there’s no hotel involved. But I live on a street with lots of cab traffic, so I don’t expect hailing a cab to take a significant amount of time.

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Then 4:30 is too early, in my opinion. I agree with what @JLeslie said.

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When I leave from First ave and 16th I leave about two hours before the flight, down on the curb hailing the cab. The Williamsburg bridge is usually fast.

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(Sorry for missing the details.)

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No problem.

Thanks again, everyone. I’ll make sure I’m outside by 5 am, or possibly earlier if I want to be extra safe.

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Call the cab co. and ask them, they know what the traffic situation is better than anyone at any particular hour going to any location. See if you can order the cab at that time.

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