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What is the most universally inspiring moment in human history?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25921points) May 27th, 2011

Be it just one person’s great noble act or an entire nation’s great pivotal achievement in their history, which event do you consider most inspiring that it has touched and influenced the whole world?

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The Tunisian student who recently burned himself to death in protest and started the Arab Spring.

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Man landing on the moon.

It opened a whole new step forward for man in the universe.

I, like hundreds of thousands of other people, witnessed this on television.

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I’d have a hard time picking between these:

Man vs. tank

Fall of the Berlin Wall

MLK Dream speech

WWI Christmas truce

All hold out some glimmer of hope that we can overcome our own madness

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My vote is for Sully’s landing on the Hudson….who didn’t cheer for that?

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The Invention of the printing press
It allowed sharing of knowledge in its original form instead of just being distorted by word of mouth and made literacy affordable for the masses.

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Man walking on the Moon.

2nd place: Hot Pockets!

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