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What was the highlight of your summer?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26789points) September 5th, 2011

It was chilly enough today to wear a hoodie and long pants during the day, summer is coming to an end and autumn is coming fast.
What was the highlight of your summer this year?

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The end of it when I could go adventuring with my darling best friend again.

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I’m so glad you asked. I had an aunt visit from another country. I’m very very close to her and I hadn’t seen her in two years. So I was over the moon. She spent 3 weeks here and those were probably the most hectic weeks of this year too but totally worth it.
I had planned to do so much like take her shopping, show her around, take her to some really nice restaurants. But we ended up doing very little and instead what I remember most is just staying up late and chatting and laughing. Yea, I remember a LOT of laughing.

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It hasn’t been a great summer for us, but my daughter’s dance recital in the park during the local festival last week put a huge smile on my face. The whole small town, supportive community atmosphere made me happy about where we live and I’m glad my daughter gets to experience growing up in such a wonderful community.

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The highlight for me was how well my cooling system kicked ass on what little heat we’ve had this summer.

What helps is that I no longer have a TV in front of my window unit. ;-p

Our summers don’t usually end until October, although in 1979 and 1998 they ended in the middle of September.

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The highlight… aww… can I have a couple!?
1. Getting my ex-to-be to agree to my terms, move out, and start the process of the divorce. I am FINALLY coming back to me. I’ve not experienced this level of peace since…???
2. A brief, intense, wonderful friendship with one of the most amazing people I’ve met in my life—unfortunately, due to circumstances being what they are, it had to end. Strangely enough, it was so positive that I don’t feel a ‘loss—’ I miss the friendship greatly, but it was what it was.
3. I finished 6 MA level courses this summer and am on track to finish my long pursued MA soon. Finished those classes while faithfully Fluthering… not bad!
4. I went to Glacier National Park and stayed on a ranch in the Kalispell, MT area with my kids and parents. Heaven on earth, no question.

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Visiting home and seeing all my friends.

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@bob_ visiting me, visiting @lucillelucillelucille in Michigan and getting my new job.

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An average summer here. It was a hoot to train my dog to catch a frisbee 4 out of 5 tries.

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Got a new MacBook! So nice.

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Got a badass tattoo with my mom! That’s pretty freakin sweet!

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Sadly, it was building my mom a replacement computer. While the new one is made from boxes of old parts it is a hell of a lot better then what she was using (fresh install of Windows too).

She seems really happy so that makes me happy.

For the most part my summer was uneventful. I did hook up with a woman pretty enough that she did print advertisements for a strip club. Now I will go cry myself to sleep and hope next summer is better.

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I am going off to Italy next week where it is still summer, so I am hoping that will be the highlight.

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I was able to visit some of my family members and spend time with them [rather than the usual 2 weeks per year we usually get].

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Had the best sleepover, ever!!!!

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Got to take my family back to the lake I used to vacation at and seeing the smiles on my boys faces as they did all the things I did at their age was priceless.

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I got married! I’m not sure how well I could claim it was summer since it snowed for most of our honeymoon, but it was during summer break between undergrad and grad school. It’s not my fault that this part of the country has so much winter weather (it snowed on the 4th of July a few years back). I absolutely love being married. It’s fantastic living with the man I love rather than 2,000 miles away from him.

@Cruiser That sounds priceless. I hope that I am someday able to take my kids to the camp I grew up going to and then counseled at as an adult. It’s my favorite place in the world, with so many great memories. Of course, I’ll have to have some kids before that will even be a possibility…

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@bobbinhood Congratulations on your marriage and I hope someday you will get to vacation with your kids….there is no better feeling than seeing them laugh and giggle doing the same things you did as a kid!

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@Cruiser Thanks for the congrats. :)

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Not dying.

100% serious.

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@KateTheGreat Glad you are still around!

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@KateTheGreat Crap, after that mine pales in comparison. How are you doing?

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Spending a weekend with four other Flutherers at a cabin in West Virginia.

Spending a week on a road trip with my husband.

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This summer has been a roller coaster. Up and down, twists and turns…oh sorry! that’s life. period. So the highlight of my summer was surviving the ride, thus far.
@bobbinhood congratulations on getting married.
@KateTheGreat, stay well.

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The highlight for me was Fridays off work where my best friend and I would head out of town to work on a cottage being carved out in the woodlands. We got to spend many enjoyable hours “solving the world’s problems” and over the course of the summer I got an absolute “thing” for gravel roads. I just love the sound of tires on the surface, the kick up of a few stones here and there and the awesome dust storm it makes. Now I am starting to sound like Charlie Brown’s pigpen…...

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Meeting Gage. :D:D:D<3

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Gonna sound weird, but…

Breaking my foot. Did it partying with great friends. My grandma flew out to help with my foot and baby after surgery and she’s probably my favorite person ever so we got to hang out for a week. Then, I could get in the pool because of my incision and so I laid out a lot and got a nice tan. And I can already wear heels again. Pretty swell summer.

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Beating ulcerative colitis.

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@Mariah Good for you!!

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[mod says] This is our Question of the Day!

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Meeting Jude and her girl and riding this ride.

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Watching my son win a silver medal at the US Summer National Fencing Championships.

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@YoBob Congrats on your son’s most awesome achievement!

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@Cruiser Thanks! Needless to say I am very proud.

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Getting a new job and moving to Virginia.

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Going to Comic-Con with my friends! San Diego was great! :D

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Seeing @Adirondackwannabe naked Watching my daughters drastically improve their skills at their new gymnastics location.

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The week or so I spent in England was nothing short of spectacular. It was one hell of a way to kick off the start of summer.

Other than that, there were a few memorable reefer parties I was lucky enough to attend.

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Finally making it to Disney World, leaving hidden Doctor Who references everywhere, and just hanging out with people I actually like.

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The nekked pancake party where @Adirondackwannabe caught a glance from @WillWorkForChocolate.

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Hey I thought it was the changing room for the pool. Excuuuse me.

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@Cruiser, thanks! I’m glad to be here

@Adirondackwannabe Doing tons better

@AmWiser Oh I’ll try!

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Most definitely The Beatherder Festival it was my birthday while we were their too, I’m actually already excited about next years

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@Adirondackwannabe Riiiiiight, which is why you were posing and showing off your…..... submarine.

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Traveling to my homestate with my fiancee to see my best friend get married. I got to see dear friends and show my guy around a few special spots.

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A weekend away with my hubby in the Okanogan. We spent the weekend touring wineries and golfing. It was a great time.

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@mazingerz88 Congrats on the new Macbook Pro, I knew you would love it because I love mine!!!

The best highlight of the summer came at the end and the purchase of my new home!!! I love it here, so peaceful and quiet and I love the lake.

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@Symbeline I agree. I’m so ready to carve pumpkins, put spooky shit in my yard, wear flannels and make pumpkin bread. =)

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@jonsblond Shit yeah. For the past few years, I’ve been decorating my place and balcony for Halloween and giving out candy. It’s making me find some of the Halloween magic that I felt as a kid again lol, and I love it. :D Except on those few years where I had to work, but now I have a daytime job so… Wooooo….:D

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My American road trip!

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