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Did you ever own a muscle car?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) May 28th, 2011

In your life have you ever owned a muscle car? If so, what was it, Ford Galaxy 500, GTO, Ford Mustang, Chavelle SS Super Sport, etc.? I had a Dodge Challenger 1073 still wish I owned it today, I had such fun in that car. If you were too young for the muscle car era what muscle car would you have wanted to have? I would love to have had, and still would get, a 1957 Corvette roadster with the convertible hard top.

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Nope. But I am hoping to get one someday. Hope the world doesn’t run out of fuel by then. :)

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Yep. A ‘70 Cuda. – I still have it! Holley, headers, torqueflight with high stall speed torque converter, reverse shift valve body. I kept the 2.73 rear axle so I had “unlimited” top end and could cruise at 110 mph with the engine loping at 4400 rpm.
I hear guys need these thing to make up for equipment shortcomings but I never found that to be the case.
I had a 60 Vette but sold it when we had our first kid 30 years ago. Idiot!

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@worriedguy You have a ‘70 Cuda!?!? Resist urge to throttle him, resist urge to throttle him, HC very jealous now…....

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I would not even if I had a million quid. I would rather have a real car, like a Gumpert Apollo.

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Nope. My dream car is the Lotus Evora. But in reality, my next car will probably be a type of city car like a smart fortwo or a Fiat 500 or Scion iQ. Or maybe a used cargo van. Living in a city, I rarely drive anywhere. I usually walk, or take the bus or train to work and around town. Even for long distances, I prefer the train or to fly than to drive endless hypnotizing miles on the highway.

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@ragingloli – I just checked out that Gumpert Apollo. I wouldn’t mind having one of those instead of the Evora :-p

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1958 Oldsmobile Covertible, color black. This vehicle had 3–4 barrel carburators and would fly. You could actually watch the gas gauge go down, if you stomped the gas pedal.

It was a big, heavy car and had the word “muslce” inside and outside of it.

Gasoline was only .24 cents a gallon.

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I used to have a 88 Mustang GT 5.0

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Yes, a 1969 Ford Mustang 302. I bought it within a few months of my 16th birthday. It was fun.

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No, and if I have my way I won’t. They are nice to look at and listen to, but I prefer cars that can corner fast too; slalom speeds and road course lap times impress me more than ¼-mile times or top speeds. Give me a Nissan Skyline instead.

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@jerv – Also, cars built before about 1990 were difficult to steer. I had a 1980 Chevy one time, and it was exhausting constantly fighting with the steering wheel just to keep the car going in a straight line down the freeway.

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If it was about any car I could say I would want a work of art, a fine piece of Italian design and technology with 390hp and not any “practicle city car” but we are speaking muscle cars here, those heavy all steel works of American steel that drank petro like a fish but could stand to hit a wall at 6mph and not have $3,000 worth of damage to the bumper. Cars you owned for the sheer power and roar of the engine. Glass packs, Holley 4 bangers, over bored cams and all that good stuff. ;-)

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@HungryGuy Most of the cars I have owned were pre-1990, and none were newer than a ‘94. Some of them didn’t even have power steering. The only one I ever had to fight to keep in a straight line (an ‘87 Corolla) had a loose tie rod end, so I don’t count that one as it was a condition problem, not a design defect. Even that one was easy for me to steer, even in a controlled four-wheel drift on ice once I got used to the slack in the steering wheel, and I can honestly say that despite that loose tierod, it was the best handling car I ever had (and also (partly) why I now own an ‘85 Corolla despite the poor acceleration).

The hardest-to-steer cars I drove were a ‘91 Buick Regal, a ‘92 Taurus, and a ‘96 Stratus. Notice that they were all American?

@Hypocrisy_Central I have had a couple of impacts in my first Corolla, and I did more damage to what (or sometimes who) I hit that I sustained. More specifically, they were damaged and I wasn’t.
That said, I must confess that there are a few Dodges from the early-‘70s that I rather like, especially the Charger. Sadly, while the new Camaro and Mustang pay proper homage to their muscle car roots, the new Charger should not wear that name. I still wouldn’t want to own one, but they are nice to look at.

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@jerv Same with the new Challenger. If someone gave me one I’d sell it and go buy the _real_thing.

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@jerv – Right. Back then, American car makers seemed to think a lot of slack in the steering was a good thing.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Hey! Careful now! You’re getting drool on the paint.
It’s been out in the barn for years, covered but still filthy . I consider it a project for retirement. And here’s the best part: I am the original owner and have the registrations and license plate to prove it.

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@worriedguy Wha-wha-what!?!?! Original paperwork and blue and yellow plates!?!? Resist bopping him, resist bobbing him….get him to will you the car when he dies…..lie to him, be his BDF and charm the keys from him.

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