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Have you ever had a dream come true in your waking life?

Asked by Trustinglife (6623points) April 25th, 2008

Just curious…

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The day I got married baby ;)

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The day I got this super cute girls’ phone number at church. =)

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The day I boarded a plane with all I owned to a country I’d never been to before – the dream being to pick up, go and see what happens.

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Now are these goals you each had?
Or did you literally go to sleep one night, have a memorable dream, and then at some point later, life unfolded exactly like in your dream?

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Both…..the idea of traveling, ‘exploring’ was in my head both when awake and asleep….now it didn’t turn out exactly as in my sleep, but then that would’ve just been bizarre since my dreams tend to be a bit of a fantasy-realm.

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the day I got my current job. I could not be haapier with my life right now.

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Are there specifics that any of you would be willing to share?

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good jobs are the best

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I haven’t had events, but I have seen places or heard sounds in dreams that I saw and heard a few days later. Dej√° vu is a wierd feeling.

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I had a ram that I broke my collarbone in a sporting event of some sort and a few years later I did just that in a Rugby game…

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To live and work in a place I felt was calling me.This from the first time I passed thru.
I never gave up the dream of one day living in the Redwoods.
It took 25 years….

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When my sister in law was pregnant with my niece, I had a recurring dream that a little girl (about 2 or 3) woke me from a nap because she wanted me to play with her. she had honey-blonde hair that fell in ringlets to her shoulders.

This happened before ultrasounds were being done, so nobody knew the gender of the baby. When my niece turned 3, she looked exactly like the girl in the dream, and when she woke me from a nap one day to play with her, it was kind of spooky, because it was exactly the way I had dreamt about it years before.

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scamp, that’s crazy! G-d gives dreams. I believe that’s the biggest way he speaks to us.

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@theloveprophet I don’t understand the point you are trying to make. Why do you think that’s crazy? Would you clarify for me please?

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