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What is a tried-and-true method for getting chocolate ice cream stains out of cotton?

Asked by jca (36062points) May 28th, 2011

My daughter got chocolate ice cream on a new dress. Not the most expensive dress, but still a new dress, worn that day only.

I have sprayed the stains with Spray n’ Wash and washed, sprayed and washed a second time, and then put Lestoil (grease remover) as a pre-treatment and washed a third time. The stains remain.

Does anybody know a method to get the chocolate ice cream stains out of cotton?

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Make paste with Oxyclean powder and water. Spread on stain ( make sure to test before on hidden spot ) rub in circular motions. I used this on fresh, not washed and dried stains, many times.

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I like Willie’s idea to make a paste with the Oxyclean, but I’m not sure if it will work.

I’ve never spilled chocolate on anything; wasting even the smallest amount of chocolate is a sin!

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Try spritzing the stain with peroxide (test on a hidden spot first) and allow it to set for about 10 minutes. Launder as usual. If that does not work, here are two other options:

1. Douse the stain with white vinegar. Wait 30 minutes to an hour before laundering.
2. If the other methods don’t work, then as a last resort you can pour a small amount of Clorox 2 on the stain, if the garment is colored.

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