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Does it concern anyone that Sarah Palin just might run for president?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) May 29th, 2011

Question: does it concern anyone that Sarah Palin just might run for president?

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It would concern me just as much if The Donald were to run.

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Actually, I would welcome it. She would never be able to stand the scrutiny of a general election campaign.

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At first I was going to say that it doesn’t concern me, but after some thought it does indeed cause me some concern. I am concerned that there are so many folks out there who take her shenanigans seriously enough for her to even consider a run for the presidency. I am concerned for the state of intellectual and political discourse in our country when this joker can get as much attention as she does and would even be given the impression that we would suffer her lunacy as a presidential candidate. I believe there will be an ice rink in hell before she would actually win, but that doesn’t make me any less concerned.

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Only if it looked like she was being seriously considered. She has proved she can’t take and heat and therefore should stay out of the Kitchen. I don’t see any serious republican options yet.

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I’d like to see it be Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, and maybe Alan Keyes for good measure.

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I don’t think I would be too worried as long as it never amounted to anything serious. If people really started to support her, I’d be more than concerned. I don’t see how she could last though…just like season of fall said, she can’t take the heat.

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Not really.

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Nah. I don’t think the election needs to be any more of a farce.

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Yes, it really does. Maybe it’s unfounded, but I genuinely fear that she may win. The possibility genuinely scares me.

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Being an Englander it doesn’t concern me one bit, why if anything it makes me laugh til I wee a little.

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Just try and picture a world where Sarah Palin was President of The United States of America. We’d all be fucked, not just you guys in The States.

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Come to think of it, if she ever did win I think the rest of the world would have to declare a vote of no confidence in the ability of the American people to govern themselves, haha

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It does, for pretty much the reasons that @SuperMouse points out. The sad truth is that we have quite a few rather insane people who actually think she would be the best POTUS ever and that makes me weep for humanity.

@RareDenver I think the fact that Bush-43 got a second term proves that we really can’t.Don’t take that as a slam against Republicans; I am merely anti-idiot.

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I hope she runs. It will make for an easy win for Obama.

@RareDenver will the rest of the world get cool floating stands while they do it too?

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@ANef_is_Enuf I wouldn’t be too worried. A Quinnipiac University poll conducted in early May showed that across all parties, 58% of Americans indicated they would never vote for either Palin or Trump. Only 15% of the respondents felt enthusiastic about Palin, and just 24% said they might vote for her. Those are pretty hard numbers to overcome.

I don’t think she is really running for President. She doesn’t want to be Commander in Cheif. It’s hard work and only pays $375,000 a year. She’s running for Fund Raiser in Chief. When her money bombs stop working, she’ll go back to her lucrative job at Fox News.

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Comedians on T.V. would likely love to see Pailin run for President so they can yuck it up with more endless stale and sick jokes about her and her family. Am I concerned about that? Frankly I don’t give a….....

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Imagine the Donald and Ms Palin running together and winning. Wouldn’t we be the world’s laughing stock!

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Woe is me! Oh woe is me! *wrings hands vigorously and stifles tears

I really don’t care one way or the other.

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It just seems so incredible that people take her seriously. That she quit being governor and acts so defensively all the time, disqualifies her from public office, apart from her off the wall political views. Have you heard that she is about to release a documentary about herself? Can you get anymore narcissistic?

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@LostInParadise Let’s not get into the subject of narcissism until Obama is out of the White House, okay? Pot calling kettle black, there.

I’m just as concerned about Sarah Palin running as I am about Obama winning the re-election. I’d rather see Donald Duck in there than either Palin or Obama. Actually, I’d LOVE to see Ron Paul run and win.

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I would like to see J C Watts from OK run.

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It wouldn’t worry me because, in spite of having some rabid supporters, I don’t think she has enough backing to actually win. I don’t want her to run just because she irritates me so much. I don’t want to see more of her in the news. Enough is enough already. She should have disappeared many, many months ago.

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I doubt if she will run. So no worries.

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@Sunny2 Wow. Watching the two of them fight for center stage and attention would be a reality show worth the hour invested.

@LostInParadise I think the Donald proves that, yes, humans can. You can get a best-selling TV series about yourself, in fact. Movies only run for 2 hours max, and few watch reruns.

@skfinkel I am certain you are right. As the presidential season was just beginning, Roger Alies, Prresident of Fox News, asked each possible contender of they were seriously thinking about running for president. Huckabee and Gingrich said they were, and Ailes let them both go to avoid the appearance that Fox was unduly helping the candidacy of a particular Republican. Palin obviously told him she was not running or she would be gone from Fox as well. I may not agree with Mr. Alies on much, but I do think he has the integrity to treat each of his employees by the same standard.

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She was governor once, and that probably paid pretty well, but she quit that so, how is she making a living now? Where is all her money coming from? She won’t get far I don’t believe the republican party is that desperate.

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how is she making a living now?

Books ‘n shit.

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And speaking fees.

Just the idea of the possibility of her running makes me incredibly uncomfortable. It baffles me that so many people support her. Not enough to actually elect her, of course, but still.

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—So I just read in the local paper that my college may be hosting the presidential or vp debates in 2012. I really hope Palin runs because seeing her and Obama debate would be great. I really need the lols.—-

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whisper fail^

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Getting yourself a women as president these days would be cool. [ talking about you guys as americans ^^ ]

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I have this vision. Not just a documentary or a reality show, but an entire channel devoted to Sarah Palin. SPTV, all Sarah all of the time. If elected, she will not only continue with her regular tweets, but will bring the television cameras inside the White House to show Sarah at work. Yes, SPTV, all Sarah all of the time, because it really is all about Sarah.

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@Hibernate Not this woman. Trust me.

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I should have added that just because you will be watching Sarah all the time, don’t think that she won’t be watching you as well. Big Sister will be keeping tabs on everyone. All Sarah, all of the time, everywhere.

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Yes, because the media will turn it into a fiasco. Obama started out good with promises to make the country better; but he only mucked it up while having control of both houses. He has made us the laughing stock of the world, while the media sat around did almost nothing. Sarah could be a better president then most republican or democrat candidates, but the media won’t allow it. I Agree with some that the media is afraid of Sarah P… that’s why they will allow themselves to look stupid as they bend over backwards to find faults with her as they did when she ran for VP.

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