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Have you signed the petition in support of labor and marriage equality advocates?

Asked by augustlan (47376points) February 13th, 2009

In a nutshell, former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to give a speech at a location that is at odds with the above groups. The petition is to encourage him to change the location for the speech. See here for the full details and to sign the petition.

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Oh please, I think the content of his speech matters more than what hotel he’s at.
Would liberals rather he didn’t speak at all, versus giving a speech at a place that gasp has an owner that leans more right than left?

I don’t know, just my feeling. I judge a business by their prices/quality of the service and goods, not by the personal beliefs of the owner.

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Done. I did use a fake email address.

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I have a policy to never sign any internet petition, because they rarely have any influence on actual events. Real life petitions are a bit different, but then it sometimes becomes a privacy issue. The only petitions I sign are ones that I know my personal contribution will be of value, such as an issue that directly relates to me (such as a petition to influence a rule in my apartment building).

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Sometimes the best place to discuss a sin is in front of the sinner.

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marriage equality? give me a break. y’all can’t even be honest. it’s not about “marriage equality” it’s about marriage re-definition.

i wouldn’t sign this at gunpoint.

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Done. Good looking out augustlan.

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Link from Snopes. Sadly, internet petitions don’t have much effect beyond making the signers feel better. Sometimes I wonder if the “good feeling” people get from the perceived action of signing an internet petition diverts them from taking more meaningful action, feeling like their job is done, and their voice has been heard.

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Sí. Por supuesto.

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No way my conserative ass would ever sign such a liberal piece shit.

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whoa, dude.
at least I backed up my reasoning :(

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@gooch Wow. A simple yes or no would have sufficed…

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@seekingwolf – technically, he did back up his “no way” with his reasoning.

I signed it even though I agree it won’t do much to get him to change a venue that is booked for two days from now.

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I didn’t sign, as the venue cannot be changed at this late date.

@archer. Maybe I am misunderstanding your comment. Are you saying that the verbage of one religions handbook, written by man and presented as God’s word, in order to force others to conform to the set of beliefs that men think is right, is basis for setting law in this country?

Am I way off base in my intrepretation of your comment? If so, I am sorry for the misunderstanding.

If I am not off base, then how about this? I can provide scripture from the Bible that states it is alright for a father to sleep with his daughters, in order to continue the family line.

Should we allow that verbage to stand as law, as well? Just wondering.

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I signed it. Though I suspect petitions like this are just a ruse to collect email addresses to send spam to.

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