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Ladies, do you wear less or no foundation during the Summer months?

Asked by Jude (32101points) May 30th, 2011

If I’m out in the sun (even with sunscreen), I tend to get a bit of color on my face. I am thinking about doing away with the foundation during the day. I am 39 and my skin is great. Few wrinkles.

Just wondering if I should give it a try.

What do you do?

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Just my skin and some locally-made face cream. (And sun hat.)

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Same no matter what time of year. If I am out sunning myself, picnic, pool, no foundation. When it comes to running errands, it just matters if I bother to put on makeup or not. Foundation helps to protect your skin, but since there is SPF in lotion now, you get sun protection with that. The difference is foundation actually is a barrier to the sun like wearing clothing or lipstick, probably healthier overall for skin, cancer risk, and UVA and UVC rays. SPF protects against UBV, the rays that burn and the rays that give you vitamin D.

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I don’t wear foundation any time of year. I use Neutrogena face sunscreen and a cover up stick for small blemishes.
If you prefer the concealing feel of foundation but want something lighter in the summer you could always try tinted moisturizers. I’ve seen them at Sephora before under various brands.

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“tinted moisturizers”

Yes! I never thought of that. Thanks, Allie!

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I don’t use foundation because I’m heavily freckled and would look awful unless spackled thick. What I like nowadays to even up my old hide is those tinted moisturizer/sunscreens. Go a ULTA or Sephora though and rub a few samples in little spots on the inside of your arm, note which is which and then walk around for about a half hour and then see how the colors react and change color on your skin.

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I wear a light, sponge on, compact style foundation( Lo’real True Match) with a SPF15 sunscreen, on top of Lubriderm SPF lotion, and light setting powder.
Light lipstick, with sunscreen balm.

I rarely wear eye makeup.

This is only if I am going out, or to work, around the house I go naked. The geese and sheep don’t seem to mind. haha

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I use concealer under my eyes and a touch of oil or lotion on my cheeks, just because my face gets dry. That’s about it. In cooler months I really don’t wear foundation, I may wear a tinted moisturizer, but I don’t really use much of anything, especially in the summer.

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I wear powder in the summer. It mixes better with oil and sweat to make a nice “glow.”

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My foundation routine doesn’t change, except that I put on sunscreen first.

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I use tinted moisturizer and some concealer to cover up any redness on my face.

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Foundation? People actually wear that. I swear, 1 of the reasons I look more than 10yrs younger than I really am is due to the fact that I hardly ever wear any make-up and never foundation. Just get some SPF moisturizer. You don’t need foundation.

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@tinyfaery I look ten years younger, too.

I am going to get tinted moisturizer.

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Yeah, but I still look better. ;)

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I think that we both look good. Brat! ;)

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Hahaha. Yep. I’m a brat.

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I usually wear no makeup in the summer, but it depends. I get a lot darker so trying to keep up with matching concealer colors is hard, expensive, and pointless. And my skin looks way better with some vitamin D lovin, so I embrace it.

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I stopped wearing foundation a couple of years ago and have noticed a big improvement in my skin. Now I just wear a bit of concealer and powder for the shine.

The moisturizer I prefer doesn’t have sunscreen in it, so during the summer I also use Neutrogena Age Shield Face sunscreen. I have very fair skin, but if I apply it in the morning it seems to last all day. If you go swimming or something, you’d have to reapply I’m sure. I tend to break out whenever I use something new on my face, but that didn’t happen with this sunscreen so I’ve stuck with it for the past couple of years.

You’ve seen me on Facebook, so you can judge how I look for my ripe old age of 36. :)

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@MissAusten You look beautiful and so does your skin!

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I bearly wear makeup anyways so when I do in the summer it tends to be alot lighter because I like to show my summer color that I got.

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I usually wear a large brimmed hat but that doesn’t catch all the UV rays. The last couple of years I’ve started to develop the outline of the state of Texas on my forehead up near my hairline. Interesting development but not one I’m super excited about. Seems like I’ve developed a little hyper-pigmentation, or as one doctor described it my “inner Africa is coming out”. Sigh.

So now I use a zinc based sunscreen and mineral makeup to give myself the best UV protection…along with the wide brimmed hat.

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When I read the header on the question, I assumed you were referring to underwear, heheheh!

All I ever use, year round is moisturizer with sun screen in it and not much of that except in the dry when the humidity dies out a bit!

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I rarely wear foundation.. and I just wear sunscreen for summer months.

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@Jude Thanks! I do like to let the freckles shine through!

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I stopped wearing makeup years ago.

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