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What has become of Al Gore?

Asked by josie (30934points) May 30th, 2011

He was pretty much the non – scientist spokesperson for global warming. I haven’t heard much from him or about him for awhile. Is there a new frontman for global warming. Who is it?

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He is still searching for MANBEARPIG

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@Jeremycw1 Fucking beat me to it. :(

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He’s actually trying to fade from the public eye before he becomes ostracized for his idea’s and complete sense of ineptness.~

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I can only assume he’s working on becoming Emperor of the Moon in the distant future.

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Hey, I kinda liked him. I think he had some plausible arguments.

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He died, and the hogs ate him.

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Along with Joel Hyatt, he is the head of a cable TV station named Current.

They were on the news a few years ago when the two journalist were imprisoned in North Korea. One of them is Lisa Ling’s sister.

Former Pres. Clinton went over there to negotiate for their release and brought them back.

Current also was in the news lately after hiring Keith Olberman after he quit MSNBC. His regular nightly newscast will premier in June in the same time slot as his previous one and will still be called Countdown.

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He’s busy making loads of money flying around in his private jet talking about global warming.

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