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Any book recommendations for someone who wants to learn about Korea?

Asked by flash74686 (478points) May 31st, 2011

So recently I’ve become highly interested in Korean culture and I was wondering if there were any good books that describe its history, culture, etc. I also want to learn about the Korean war so if there are any good books about that- possibly an autobiographical piece or fiction, as long as it’s true to life. Help, please?

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On Korean war, Hebert, the Making of a Soldier and East of Chosin are good.

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Things Korean is a nifty coffee table style book that talks about all sorts of things from clothing, to food to customs.

Rapt in Color is a beautiful book describing how and why traditional Korean textiles were made and by whom.

I have not actually seen or read this book, but Traditional Korean Costume sounds marvelous.

I don’t own this book, but on doing a search, a lot of Korean Americans were choosing their favorite Korean cookbooks, and some of them sounded really terrific except that they either didn’t have pictures (so you could not tell what the final product was supposed to look like) or the instructions were made for people that are already pretty knowledgeable about Korean cooking. So a couple of the reviewers for other books suggested that Practical Korean Cooking is not only authentic recipes, but it clearly shows you in a step by step fashion how to make the dishes, and what they should ultimately look like.

Hanoak is a really great book if you are interested in the architecture of traditional Korean homes.

I have not yet seen this book, but Korea Style looks like a gorgeous book about contemporary Korean architecture.

This book, called American/Korean Contrasts sounds very helpful in learning about the differences between American and Korean culture.

This book, called An Introduction to Korean Culture sounds pretty good too.

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I’ve been there, very nice country, very nice people and I can’t believe that the northern half of the country lives under the thumb of a tin-pot dictator.

By the way, they think dog is good to eat in hot weather. Always ask what they are serving.

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@Ron_C Better to not ask and just eat it.

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I always tell my host, “no dog, No pork”. Anything else, I’ll at least try.

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