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When it's hotter than hades, and you don't have air (or your fan doesn't keep you cool), how do you sleep?

Asked by Jude (32112points) May 31st, 2011

I have a good fan, but, my place was hot last night. I slept nude with only my Russian nesting dolls blanket (not much heavier than a sheet) covering my waist. The rest – boobs, legs, arms and bare ass were out for all of the world to see.

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Pretty much just like you described. We caved a few years ago and bought the window unit for the bedroom when the thermometer in our room started reading 109+. With the humidity around here, it was stifling. Hard to even breathe, let alone sleep.

I’ve been known to spritz my sheets with a mist of cool water or stick an ice pack in my pillow in the past, though.

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Is a window unit air conditioner an option? If not, I wet my hair down before bed and keep an insulated cup of ice water on the nightstand for sipping.

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I take my recliner lawn chair down to the river, find a shallow spot and sleep in the river.

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I used to take showers to cool off when it got that hot. Also, a lot of people sleep outside if they can. On the roof. On the fire escape. In Taiwan they all sleep out in the street.

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Cross breeze is everything. Open any and all windows in every room and take a window fan and blow the air out until things cool down. Reversing a ceiling fan on high works to get the hot air out too without feeling like you are sleeping in a wind tunnel.

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When I was a kid, we did not have air conditioning. Every night, right before bed, I would soak in a tub of cool water (showers are nice, but soaking the coolness in for a while seems to work better). Then I would lie on my bed with the box fan blowing directly on me and hope to sleep…good luck!

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Naked on top of a sheet,window open with a fan.

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Open windows at night, close them right away in the morning. Also keep your shades drawn. This will help reduce the heat buildup in the house.

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Take a cool bath or shower, and keep my skin & hair damp, turn fan on high with A/C on.

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Wet a t-shirt, wring it out, put on upper body (don’t wear it).
When it has the same temperature as your body, turn it.

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@rebbel that too. I’ve spent many a night with a cool, wet towel draped over me.

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I’ve opened the window and slept on top of the sheet before, when I was younger, one night that just wasn’t working. I took the sheet outside and slept on the patio, my dad found me with one foot in the pond in the morning.

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@janbb What’s it it NJ?

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I grew up in an apartment complex. A lot of my friends told me they’d sleep on the bathroom floor or in the tub on super hot nights.

Our apts. had tiny ACs in the living room. Even if the thing was cranked, it wouldn’t “cool” more than the living room. I’d sleep with a sheet draped over our love seat positioned directly in line with the AC draft.

If I were living in an apt now, I’d look into getting either a high-powered dehumidifier, or one of those portable ACs, if a window unit wasn’t a viable option.

I have insomnia, so heat & I do not do well together

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It isn’t even bedtime, but I am on my way right this second to sit in an ice cold bathtub. I’m not ready for another summer without a/c.

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All the windows open, all the house fans pointed at me ;)

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Thank goodness it rarely happens to me. I will just sleep in such condition since I usually only sleep when I’m very sleepy. I won’t take off my cloth since I sleep in the same room with my room mates. I can’t open the window since it’s pretty noisy out there and there are air pollutions even at night. We have air conditioner in our room so we won’t feel so hot so often unless it’s blackout.

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Naked with a fan blowing over me. I love the suggestion of wet towels and sleeping outside. I’ve never lived where you could sleep outside and not have to worry about mosquitoes.

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Rarely an issue at 56 degrees north.

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I live in in my cold hot tub, which serves as a mini-pool in the summer.
Takes the core body temp waay down, then I sleep with a small, quiet fan on my bedroom end table, or, turn on a larger ornamental one beneath the windows. I like silence for sleeping, so the fans have to be really quiet or they drive me nuts! lol

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I slept with no fan or a/c for sixteen years. Not once did I think my parents could have provided a fan for me. Wet pillowcase, long, wet sweaty hair in NJ. All bedroom windows open. Then in the middle of the night as soon as a cool breeze would hit me I’d pass out for hours. Bad deal.

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I’m like @lucillelucillelucille. I sleep naked with a fan and the window wide open. And my husband is not allowed to touch me.

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Not well.

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Stuff my underwear with ice cubes.

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The place where I often house sit has no air conditioning and it gets ridiculously hot. My only solution is to get a big bath towel completely soaked (then wrung out just enough so it won’t drip all over the place) and then put it over my nekked body with a fan blowing on me. Also I fill up one of those stainless steel water bottles with iced water before I go to bed and leave it on the nightstand and take a sip every now and then.

I also rub down the cat with a soaking wet washcloth so that she won’t die of heat stroke either. She doesn’t like getting wet at first, but then after she’s soaked and the fan is blowing, I think she realizes that I did it to cool her off too.

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I write silly love songs and piss off my old band mates.

Actually, I don’t have much of a problem sleeping in hot weather. It’s not as comfortable as sleeping in 60 degree weather, but I can do it – after draping my head with a cold damp towel.

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One summer morning, I called a sister who lives in hot, humid Virginia. I asked her what she was doing, and the reply was, “Oh, just laying in bed and watching the sweat pool in my belly button. They finally installed central air.

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@Jude Last night was the secon night I ahd the air on. Today was gorgeous – low 80s – but it’s getting mroe humid now.

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Open a window and stand the fan in front of it?

It never gets that hot here.

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Speaking only for myself, having had to get sleep when it was about 120 with no fan- if you are tired enough, it is not a problem.

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I make sure I bathe before bed in the coolest water I can stand and then slather myself in lotion all over. I wet a hand towel to keep nearby to occasionally rub my feet with and a spray bottle to mist myself. It helps not to let your skin dry out since the heat will make it taut and itchy.

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I go out to the pool and swim for a bit. Then I sleep on my hammock in my screen gazebo.
Just a light sheet.
Other times, I have a couch with a pullout in the lower level that is below ground. Always much cooler there

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In Scotland, I’d take off my second duvet/quilt (not yet done that this year even though it’s June)

If I were on holiday in Spain or south of France I would just sleep with a sheet on. But I like all my covers and find it hard to sleep without the weight.

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I wish I had my nice cool basement back again! So much more useful than a second story on a house.

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Great news – the second duvet came off on friday night. Back on again for Saturday night but woo hoo anyway, Summer’s here!

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They say it will be close to 100 F here on Thursday.

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A very cool and wet late spring lingering over here. The 10 day forecast still calling for low 70’s with a gradual rise to low 80’s by the end of next week.

I don’t use a top sheet, and sleep in the raw with my lovely, sensual fuzzy microfiber blankey and a fluffy comforter on top.

It won’t be long though, it should be pushing a 100 right now, so I am just basking in this late, wet spring scene.

Once it shifts I switch to a light, taffeta duvet and put my beloved blankey away for the season. haha

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i will be sleeping on my pool float in the pool.

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