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What temerature does it have to be outside before you're uncomfortably hot?

Asked by ubersiren (15208points) June 20th, 2009

Does humidity effect you? Does it matter if it’s sunny out?

I can’t stand anything over 75 degrees and humid. My husband thinks it’s not good weather outside unless it’s at least 85. BLECK!

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I sympathize as I am a flower of the Celtic north, while my husband is a sun lizard. As you point out, temperature alone is not the deal breaker.

For me, it is humidity combined with temperature. Above 85 and I hate pretty much all of it.

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I love it hot, but above 85 is getting a little too much. The humidity here is terrible. That’s what gets to you.

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As so often, I agree with Marina. 85 and humid is terrible! I’m going down to Florida next week which should make me happy to be back in NJ the week after!

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I’m ok up until about 90. But humidity kills me.

{dick-punches Salt Lake City}

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I’m a true Canadian girl and abhor hot, humid weather. Now, it can get warm where I live, but, it doesn’t get all that humid. Anything over 90 is bleh..

I was in Austin last year and it reached 113 a couple of times. It was bloody, stinkin’ hot and I had the joy of breathing in gobs of humid air. It did wonders for my hair. ~

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Well. I am on vacation at Hilton Head Island S.C. And it is 101 outside with a heat index of 115. That should be uncomfortable but for some odd reason it isn’t as bad as it should be. Normally I’m uncomfortable at 80 with humidity and 90 without.

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70f, seriously. i hate any warm weather.

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Anything past 95 registers to me as “it’s f-in hot!”
I have no tolerance for humidity.

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probably 100. I love humidity

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after living in Arizona for about 6 years I’ve gotten used to the heat but I still don’t like it but when you add humidity it’s just not fun
80 degrees F + humidity = worse than 100 degrees F

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Anything above 25

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My preference is 70–75, low humidity.. which I find to be quite lovely. I grew up in San Francisco and the weather there (and in Santa Cruz), I find to be pretty nice. I like temperate climes, but then again, I’m mostly Scottish, so I figure that’s got something to do with it.

Humidity is what kills me. I’ve lived in the southwest U.S. and been able to tolerate 90’s.. I mean, it’s hot, but relatively tolerable. On the east coast, high 70’s with the humidity, and I’m totally done. Ugh. Can’t wait to move back to the west coast!!

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In Phoenix, Arizona, we usually consider it too hot outside when it gets to be over 100 degrees in the shade. That and the fact that you can fry an egg on the sidewalk in the summer. I’ve actually done this before so I know that it works. The best part of all though is, significant humidity is rare here and it’s just a dry heat. Whatever.

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I HATE the heat which is not good for someone born and raised in So. Cal. If the sun is out, 75 is hot. And I hate humidity even though it makes my skin look good.

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I live in Maryland and it is humid from early spring and all summer to well into September sometimes. I’m miserable!

I’m moving to Canada with @jmah! And @eponymoushipster can come too! Woo! Flannel pj’s and hot cocoa, snuggling by the fire! It’ll be a fluther snuggle!

@Facade: I don’t know how you can be comfortable in such extremes. You would survive if lost in a jungle far better than my doughy white potato eating Irish ass.

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@ubersiren ooo jellypile! where in canada?

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@eponymoushipster : Wherever @jmah is, or somewhere comparable. Heh heh- jellypile.

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I don’t mind the 90’s as long as I can sit still and there is a breeze. Once it gets to 120, though, that is unreasonable and unfit for human habitation, even if everyone around you is saying “But it’s a dry heat.” That is the point at which I decided I would never live in Arizona ever again.

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@ubersiren ooh cool. do you know each other irl? or is it just a goal?

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Well I am dying it is 106 F with the heat index. Humidity in south Louisiana is always a killer.

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I love dry heat. When we were in Vegas in August, it was damn sunny but the heat didn’t bother me at all. Oh, and I think they had like 4% humidity and people were bugging out. it actually rained and people couldn’t even drive in it. we couldn’t stop laughing
I live near Philly, so I can say I’m used to humidity, but I fucking hate it. My hair hates it, and I hate the way it makes my skin feel.
I can withstand up to like 80, but add humidity and I’m done. I won’t want to leave the house.

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Anything past 90 is getting too hot for me. If it’s humid though, I can’t stand it. And unfortunately, Portland gets humid many times during the summer.

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I like the humidity. Anything past 85 F is too high.

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I do not care for humidity. With humidity, anything over 90 bugs me, but not to the point of “OMG I’m dying!” because I prefer hot weather greatly to cold weather. It takes quite a bit for me to claim I’m dying of the heat. I guess I depends on how much exercise I’m doing. I don’t really like to do much when it’s that hot. Prefer to sit around in air-conditioned room or hang out in a pool. But I’m from Vegas where it’s dry as a bone and 90 is a cool summer day. For me, it would have to be over around 105 when it starts to get uncomfortable in the dry heat. In that case, it feels like the heat is pressing down on you.

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90 – with high humidity. It just gets to be too much. The kids start aggravating me and I start throwing them in the pool.

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80 F. Anything higher and it’s unconformable, humid or not.

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Low 70s with zilch humidity please, oh and can we toss in a light breeze?

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My ideal temperature is 65. I start to get uncomfortable around 70. I won’t actually start to complain until about 80, though. But the I’m a miserable whiny-ass baby.

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@eponymoushipster : Sadly just a goal. more of a pipe dream, actually.

@ladytmerie: It seems to be not so bad when you’re on vacation!

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My favorite temperature range is 80 to 95. Humidity has no effect on me.

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But my ideal temperature is around 70–75 F.

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lol @ubersiren It’s about 95 degrees right now in va beach and i’m loving it (all except the sweatiness trying to ruin my makeup)

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WTF is with all the typos lately? Pay attention people.

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Yeah, pay attention everyone! You’re going to be graded on your responses here at a later time! If egregious errors are found, lurve will be subtracted from your overall total followed by a lashing with a wet noodle! Beware!~

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temerature, intelagence…“Why do 37 degrees feel hot?”...

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@SeventhSense 37 degrees Celsius = 98 degrees Fahrenheit, I would call that hot!

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Christ, I think that’s one of maybe 3 typos I’ve ever made on here, and the first in a question. Report me to the mods. wtf? Also, there’s a difference between an honest typo and bad spelling. I’m surprised nobody has picked out my other mistake.

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I don’t see why typos are such a big deal if you still understand what the person meant to say

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Assuming similar humidity to what we get where I live in summer, I start getting uncomfortable at around 32 degrees.

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@YARNLADY are you saying 98 degrees is hot?

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I like it in the mid seventies, with just a touch of humidity, maybe 25%. If I ever move to Canada, which I’ve considered, I think I’ll go to Saskatchetwan, I hear its pretty decent there, and the hunting and fishing is awesome. Cold in the winter, but I can handle snow and cold. I can handle cold better than hot any day. Maybe Manitoba, but not Ontario, its too close to them weirdo Quebeckians. As for BC, Nope, no way in Hell, I’ve heard too much about it to ever go there.

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since everyone is feeling that Canada is the haven of great weather, i have to throw my hat in that ring. i went camping a few years ago about 3 hours north of Toronto, on St. George’s Bay. it was 45f at night in August, which is awesome. I do vaguely recall a night in Montreal that was very warm, but as i said, it was Montreal, and the memory is vague. ;)

hey, Canada finally has something!

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@eponymoushipster what part of “I would call that hot” didn’t you understand?

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^Missing the point in multiple threads^

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@SeventhSense oh, wait, I get it you wanted someone to type “why does 37 degrees feel hot, well, picky, picky. Maybe you need to exercise your red pencil a little more clearly.

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or you the old noggin
just kidding.
<—-misses the rabbit ears

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@YARNLADY : They’re messing with you- 98 degrees is a crappy boy band from the late 90s and was being discussed in another thread with no way for you to know that. :o)

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I hate the heat. It’s hot in Kansas and the humidity is terrible. I hate summer and everything about it. It’s hot to me if it’s 78 degrees or over. Right now it’s 74 degrees with 95% humidity, so it’s killer, even at 11pm!

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@ubersiren Hahaha, some great humor at the expense of a poor, innocent, grandma. I lurve it.

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very few grandmas are that innocent.

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Personally I feel warm when it’s anything over 20, and it’s often too hot for me even at 27–28 or so (I think that’s 80s in F). Depends on humidity, and also wind. I don’t mind 30 if it’s windy, but even 25 in the sun with not the slightest breeze can be unbearable.

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Over 100 and I need some shade and some water, but I’m ok to do things outside. I lived in Tucson for more than 20 years. I once successfully argued that “room temperature” means about 84. :^>

I’ll take the humidity any day. The humidity at least keeps your skin soft. When people talk about “it’s a dry heat” like that somehow makes it better instead of worse I’m amazed. It usually means they’ve never really lived in it. A dry heat means you need to always have water with you. It means your lips and nose will crack even if you always have lip balm with you. It means everyone will look about 5–10 years older than they are. Your elbows, knees and feet will crack, too. Your hair breaks sooner. It’s a constant battle to keep yourself hydrated all over. Yuck.

Now I’m in Seattle. I hear people complain when it’s over 75 and I have to laugh. No one has air conditioning here so when it gets into the 90s (the few days when it does) if you’re uncomfortable with it you hang out in your basement or go to a movie. It’s humid here, but I’ll take 90 here with no air conditioning over 90 in Tucson any day.

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I’m ready to move to Canada with everyone else. I hate humidity! My perfect day would be 72 degrees, partly cloudy and a slight breeze. Dreaming of the northwoods now.

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@cyndyh – I feel the same way about Tucson’s heat that you do. I think I single-handedly doubled the profitability of Vaseline the period I lived there.

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I’m a bit of a wuss. I’d say that 70 degrees is hot for me. As soon as you start surpassing that it becomes too hot. Of course if it is a bit above and has a cool breeze then I’d be happy but so often there are only warm breezes in the summer.

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@Darwin: Exactly! I’ve been in Seattle for 2.5 years now and I’ve only bought moisturizer twice! Imagine. That used to be about once a month for a big bottle of vaseline lotion. I can actually leave my house now without packing water bottles in my backpack. :^>

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It all depends on the humidity. It can be 70 and humid, and I’m miserable—sweating all over the place. It can be 95 and if it’s dry, I’m just fine (with a hat and enough sunscreen). Of course, in neither case would I be wanting to wear a suit.

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Anything above 65.

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110+. Seriously. We don’t even turn on our AC until it hits 90 consistently.

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@Val123 you would be correct, if that is what I meant. :-)
I have to re-state what I posted. I read it as too cold. I meant below 65 is too cold.
I have no idea where my head was.

As far as too hot goes, it is never too hot.

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You probably sweat so much, you can fill your swimming pool for free.

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@ragingloli that’s gross! And I don’t sweat. I perspire. You’re just still mad, von Raggie!

As an aside, @ChazMaz, I noticed this the other day. After days and days of below 20 degree weather, nay, sub 0 weather, it warmed up to 42 degrees. People were literally walking around in tank tops! I remember thinking, if it was the middle of summer, with 90+ days every day, if it hit 42 we’d all think we were freezing to death! Perceptions can be funny things.

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anything above 75 kills me, humid or not

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If the humidity is low, then temperatures over 100º are too hot for me.
If the humidity is high, then temps over 90º are too hot.

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Somewhere around 30ºc, we’re lucky if it ever gets that hot above though.

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Outside temperature doesn’t matter that much to me, since I stay indoors most of the time.

However, even if it is over 90 degrees, I often take the boys out in the shaded portion of our back yard. At 100 degrees, they don’t want to go out.

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