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What do you do when you get angry?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) June 2nd, 2011

Like what shows that you’re angry…Like for example when I’m furious…I get a huge vain in my neck and arms. I have this… Very scary look I give people telling them to run, (even though I’ll most likely catch them since I’m a very, very, fast runner even though I have a breathing condition.) my face normally gets red, and I start trembling with anger flowing through out my whole body. Then I usually threaten them with something. Or if they’re already messing with me and I have them I usually go up and whisper in their ear the threat which really gets them scared. But what’s something that you do that tells you’re mad? And what happens usually after?

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I cry and that makes me even angrier!

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When I say F—K!
I don’t get really mad, but I will swear and stomp a bit, then it passes. A quickie little thunderstorm and then the sun comes out again!

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Um @Vincent_Lloyd

You might want to check out anger management! lol
Threats and bulging veins, I dunno.

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@Coloma haha it doesn’t always lead to threats only when they won’t cooperate I do that. Don’t go any farther unless intended to.

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I usually wait a few seconds and it passes away .. but if someone bothers me when i have the ┬░black moment┬░ i won’t know what i’ll do ..
But most of the times it passes away in a few seconds.

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I get wide-eyed and I bite the inside of my cheek.

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I don’t really care enough about anything to get angry.

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I cuss, my face turns red, and if I don’t break something, I cry.

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Passive aggressiveness and the silent treatment, although it depends on who I’m angry at.

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I rarely get angry. In fact, I think only 4 people have ever seen me angry (as an adult). I will say “F—k” in the middle of whatever angry sentence I’m uttering. Then I go silent or leave the area. I take a few minutes, then I’m usually ok. I only say the F-word when I’m really really upset. So it doesn’t happen often – I can acually remember every single time I’ve ever said that word. I never yell either

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I curse. You see it on my face it will look like I want to spit out venom and poison the person who annoyed me.
I also curse a lot then I go into my room and afterwards I will be okay again.
Also I am a person who rarely apologizes.

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@Vincent_Lloyd – I will tell you again, you need to go to ACOA meetings! You will become a lot happier and enjoy your life more.

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I don’t get mad at girls, since I’m a tomboy and know that I’m stronger than them. But for guys, I find a good old-fashioned kick to the nuts works fine.

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It happens very rarely with me but when it does I start swearing.

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Takes a hell of a lot to get me riled up, but on the rare occasion I do, I just give a “don’t fuck with me” look, that’s normally enough to satisfy my needs.

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Drink my arse off.

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In some cases when I get a little mad, i try to stay calm and take a deep breath then I smoke some cigarettes.
When I got really angry I scream and shout, usually i use very bad words that only belong to men if you know what I mean and I start to shake.After that, I take a breath and smoke, it makes me feel relax.

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I used to swear real loud and then go pour a stiff one. My new approach is to just sit and try to just “feel” the emotion(s) and ponder the reason(s) and trigger(s) for this anger. I have found taking that moment and allowing myself to just feel and experience this massive emotion, allows that emotion to essentially dissipate like a puff of smoke that drifts away in the breeze. I can then rather calmly approach the reason for the “moment” and find a solution in a rational way or simply walk away like nothing happened.

My kids are asking why aren’t you screaming your head off?? They seem genuinely concerned for their dad!

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It depends.
I used to have a punching bag.I broke it ;)

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Yep, me too, 99% of the time, the other 1% I just say ‘F—k it!” lol

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I seldom get very angry about anything anymore. It’s not worth the cost and aggravation. If I feel myself getting angry, I focus on centering myself and let the anger just drain away. There are a few things which really do make me angry, such as abuse of power or authority. I have ways of dealing with those sorts of people. [ smile ]

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I talk really fast, and illogically.

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I get an adrenaline surge up my spine that hurts and aches for a few hours, my stomach muscles tighten to where I feel like I can’t breathe comfortably and sometimes my vision goes wonky and people look like they’re moving slow and talking slow around me.

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I don’t usually get angry easily, but when I do, I tremble, bite down hard on my jaw and flex the jaw muscles. I then shut my eyes tight and count to 10. It usually works.
Other than that, I go punch the punching bag if I can.

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I give them the evil eye. If that doesn’t work I give them the signal to come here. A little closer. Then I say in a whisper in their ear what they’re doing wrong and what will happen if they continue. Then I back off never losing eye contact until they look away first. If it’s an adult or stranger and I can’t do that I just swallow my pride and bite my tongue. Later I break or burn something.

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No one knows just how angry I am when I get angry, unless on those very, very ,very rare instances when i have to clock someone.

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“Clock?” LOL! I’d PAY to see that! : D

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If I’m around people, I withdraw quickly, if possible. Not because I’d get all dangerous and kill everyone, I’m never violent towards living beings, (if I do get violent against a living being, it’s through fear, not anger) but if I’m pissed, no matter what someone says or does, it pisses me off even more. If people do speak to me when I’m angry, I’m extremely rude, or dismissive. I can’t hide it much, and if forced to remain among people, my physical demeanor becomes violently agitated, and I constantly swear, or curse everything under my breath.
I need to be alone for the anger to seep out, and people don’t help. When I am alone, I furiously swear, (more so than usual haha) break things, or hurt myself, like punching in walls or striking myself in the head. I also tend to ’‘snarl’’ if you will, drool or spit, clench my fists as hard as I can, or ’‘pretend’’ to yell and shout. I do the action of yelling with my mouth, but I don’t allow sound to come out, but sometimes it does slip out. Sometimes I bite down on things really hard. If anyone saw any of that they’d probably call the cops lol.
I find that physical exhaustion is a good way for me to get rid of some extreme anger, then I wash it out with hours of really violent music and chain smoking.

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I don’t lose my temper very often but when I do, it’s like a flash fire. I speak louder, and say things I wish I hadn’t usually, and then its gone. Then I have to say I am sorry because I was such a cow! Thank god it doesn’t happen too often.

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@Symbeline, the last part of your post reminded me of a story my kids love to remind me of. They were all (3) somewhere between high gradeschool and Jr high, fighting and bickering and making me really angry. I was so frustrated trying to deal with them and clenching my teeth, when the crown on my front tooth popped out of my mouth and went rolling across the floor. All our tension turned to laughter instantly.

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