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Are the zodiac things with your birthday really relate to how you act now? Do they relate on how you'll act later on in life?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) October 5th, 2010

Okay well…I don’t really know. I think it does. It does explain a whole lot of me in just one of the little section. But does it relate to those out there? I don’t believe much in the Zodiac stuff, but I do believe a little I guess. What about you guys?

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I’ve generally found that I am nothing like my zodiac sign. Although I don’t know which one would suit me better, I’m not really much like any of them.

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If they say the movement of Uranus suggests a potentially sticky situation this month, then it’s likely you may have a dose of diarrhea :¬(

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I am quite similar to my sun sign (Cancer), but I am more like my rising sign (Gemini). The difference is your sun sign is the kind of stuff you read about in the newspaper. Your rising sign is the zodiac constellation that was on the horizon at your time of birth.

Historically, astrologers have put more emphasis on the rising sign in describing the person. You have to know your exact time of birth, place, and date to know your rising sign.

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I say “PASHAUW” to the Zodiak. Numerology is where it’s at!

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I refer you to “The enemies of reason” by Richard Dawkins. The descriptions are so vague and broad anyone can fit every one of them.

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I am not into the zodiac thing, maybe I’ll read a horoscope for fun , but I don’t take it to heart. I did hear when scorpios mate it’s the hottest sex. WroNG! Proved that one wrong. lol

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@Frenchfry dated a scorpio once and i’m a scorpio. Wow… only problem we had was when we are not in bed. Didn’t last very long! Great chemistry in the bedroom, but outside of that, not a good thing.

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@BoBo1946 Oooooh… I am married to a Scorpio… I am Aries… he may have a sting in his tail, but I am the leader of all the zodiac signs (and just let him be brave enough to say differently) :)))

BoBo1946's avatar’cha… But, I’m a scorpio and so was she…did not work out.

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This is weird but somehow the Zodiacs (anything but not Chinese Zodiacs) can tell my future with such accurate prediction. I’m a rational person and I often wonder how something like that could be possible. I know that most of the suggestion are common/literal suggestion and that could be different according to each source.

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I think that it’s all a bunch of horse shit.

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@mama_cakes LMAO…....................... never tell us how you really feel! Love it!!!

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I like to use it as an excuse for being so out there and pushy. (I’m an Aries, BTW) Hey, I need some excuse, after all!

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Astrology is fun to play with, as long as you don’t take it too seriously. I’m a Capricorn sun, Cancer moon, Cancer rising. Sure, I fit every. single. category, and other people have guessed my signs accurately. Does that mean that astrology is accurate? Nah. Just some vague descriptors happen to match with broad terms one could relate to a personality like mine.

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I don’t take it very seriously. The thing about zodiac is that it’s usually pretty generic, but just barely specific enough to make the reader feel like it truly applies to them.

For example, I’m a libra. Libras are typically indecisive and obsessed with balance. That’s mostly true, but there are plenty of people who also fit that category without being Libras. That goes for a lot of things.

As for horoscopes in newspapers and stuff, I don’t take it seriously at all. Most of the time it doesn’t apply to my life at all. Plus, knowing that the vast majority of that stuff is just made up by regular people with no self-proclaimed “psychic powers” at all makes me believe it even less.

Still, it can be kinda fun sometimes, and I do use zodiac when I make characters for stories and stuff. It makes it easier to find personality traits for those characters.

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Some of the aquarian trains fit me, some don’t. I don’t think horoscopes are legit.

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I have found that there are parts of my sign, Leo, that fit me perfectly, and others that are totally inaccurate. For example, Leos are said to be very creative and enthusiastic, which I definitely am. On the other hand, Leos are supposed to be the most extroverted, confident, and positive of all the zodiacs, and I am none of those things! However, I know people who fit their sign perfectly, and others that are completely opposite. I enjoy horoscopes, but I really don’t know if they are legit or not. :(

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I’m not sure if there is any truth in Astrology. My horoscopes never match my life situation except once in a while, but hey you write/or say enough quotes eventually you will hit something (sounds like John Edwards or Sylvia Browne). My sign does not match me too much either but others claim their signs match them to a reasonable degree.

By the way I am one of the few on here that really does believe in the paranormal as being very real but I tend to look at this in a more scientific way. There are quite a few brilliant physicists, scientists, engineers, inventors past/present that agree with me on this but because of this admission their great achievements were downplayed throughout history.

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I’m with @Seek_Kolinahr here. The only scientific correlation that might exist are hormonal changes as the mother of the unborn baby goes to several seasons. Weather changes can cause stress for example. Lenght of night and day does influence melatonin.

The stars and star constellation do nothing except correlate with the seasons on Earth when looking at the night sky.

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