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What do you do on ugly days? (Everyone has them, right?)

Asked by nikipedia (28071points) June 3rd, 2011

It’s not just me, is it? Some days you just don’t look hot.

Do you put on your best makeup and outfit and try to make the most of it? Throw in the towel and wear sweats? Avoid mirrors? Fish for compliments? Say positive affirmations in the mirror?

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I do the makeup thing, and put on sexy clothes. It usually works. If I have to leave the house in a hurry, it’s usually just avoiding mirrors.

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I hold my bag-covered head up high. ;)

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Maybe I’m just a narcissist….but I don’t ever have those days lol.
Just kidding, but when I do have those days, I just stay inside. All I need to make myself feel and look good is a nice shave and shower, the rest is just putting on clothes lol. So when I don’t feel like doing that, I plan ahead and just watch movies all day or something lol.

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I’m mainly at home, so only my SO sees me, and he doesn’t care. If I was going out but felt unattractive, I’d probably get as gussied up as possible.

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I do the makeup and sexy clothes thing too. Then everyone is afraid.

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Nicole, just toss on some yoga pants and nobody will notice your hair.

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I don’t leave. True story. I just don’t leave the house.

I do other things, but they aren’t particularly useful to share, so I won’t.

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all day in my room and listen to metal rock…. hahaha

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It always seems to happen on a work day. My face is puffy from not getting enough sleep, my hair is frizzy, and the only clean clothes I have for work are the dreaded makes-me-look-fat pants and the obligatory work shirt. Ugh. Being a restaurant manager= no sick days, so I’m usually extra-surly on these days.

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Remind myself that I’m probably the only one who’s really going to notice the little things that vary from my “hot” days to my “not hot” days. Nobody notices if I’m looking a little puffy or if my hair is a little extra crazy, how my jeans fit or if I forgot my belt.

Then I concentrate on how I hold myself and my attitude going in to whatever is causing me anxiety about my appearance.

Those things people really do notice, and luckily I have more control over.

Especially if say (theoretically of course) I was a hottie neuroscientist who didn’t seem to have limits to what I could accomplish. I think that’d keep my head pretty high.

I’m not of course, but somebody like that shouldn’t worry too much about their not hot days where they still wake up able to take over the world.

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I don’t really care. I put on mascara and chapstick and go hang out with my friends anyway.

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^^ Best answer so far.

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Sprinkle a little charcoal dust on my face to match the bomb just went off hair do!

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Go the gym so I have an excuse for looking like a wreck.

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I ♥ Allie.

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I do the makeup and sexy clothes thing, too. ;-P

Ugly day? What’s an ugly day? Oh, I get it. It’s a chick thing.

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I just say the heck with the world and say like me as I am ugly or not

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Same thing I do every day Pinke… try to take over the world!

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Just think to yourself that Marty Feldman must also have had those days.

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I had one today. I did the make-up and clothes thing. Then, whilst out and about I caught a glimpse of a major vpl going on. I picked up a top and went to the changing rooms of a shop just to fix it. It’s been one of those days :/ Probably should’ve stayed indoors.

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I sigh and bear it.

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Avoid mirrors and pretend like I don’t feel gross.

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I go on about my day the same as I would every other day and try to avoid reflective surfaces. If I stayed in every time I felt ugly, I’d rarely leave the house.

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That is the best advantage of age, I have learned what matters and what doesn’t, what to use energy worrying about and when to just say I don’t give a damn!

And remember what Melody Beattie says, gray days always pass, just accept what is and the sun will soon be shining again.

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I put on an outfit that I know looks good on me. Like, if I weren’t having an “ugly” day, I’d look fantastic. Because I know that “ugly” days are all in my mind, and that to everyone else, I do look fantastic.

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Do my eyebrows and stay inside or go window shopping.

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Well all I can say is, thank the leaping lord for Estee Lauder!

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Have you seen me? That’s everyday.

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@AstroChuck took my response! Darn you, AstroChuck!

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Well, I for one think this question should not have been asked. I’ve seen @nikipedia‘s facebook pics… and I can guarantee she has never had what she refers to as an “ugly” day.

She may have “slightly less hot” days.

No more.

I have spoken

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The only time I’m less than confident about being out in public is when I’ve recently been crying. Not so much because it makes me feel ‘ugly’, but because it’s incredibly obvious on my fair, sensitive face skin (red, puffy eyes and nose). If I’m still shaky and on the edge of tears, if anyone looks at me with pity, I’m gonna’ cry all over them. Those days, I wear sunglasses and do whatever I need to do as quickly as possible.

The rest of the time, I hardly give my looks a second thought. On any given day, you’re likely to see me around town in jeans and a t-shirt, with my hair in a clip or a ponytail, bare-faced. It just doesn’t bother me at all, anymore. It should probably bother me a little bit, huh?

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Every day is an ugly day for me. If it bothered me I’d never step outside the house.

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Shrug it off and walk out the door.

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I don’t think I’ve ever had a “beautiful day” : (

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Just depends where I need to go. I would put on makeup and a nice outfit depending on where I am going, not depending on whether I feel under par that day or not.

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As long as I shave ever few days, I’m pretty. Sometimes moreso in that in between time.

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You guys are too much. <3

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I do the same thing that I do on good days: I get up, shower, and go to work.

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Grab a thorough shower, and dress comfortably, ideally in a cheerful color that compliments my complexion.

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Put on a favorite comfy outfit, dry and iron my hair instead of letting it dry from wet and put on a little perfume. This helps me believe no one will concentrate on my expired mani/pedi, straggly brows, tummy/boob bloat or the Quasimodo sized allergic reaction welt on one part of my lip or over an eye.

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God yes, everyone has them :-). Put on your sexiest underwear, prettiest dress, slap on some make-up and perfume and fake it until you think you make it. Tomorrow is a new day.


I just say “meh” and do my best to look my best, and wait for another day.

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Moan and grumble and sulk in my room. Then I brush my hair, make it up nice, wear nice clothes and dance to some music.

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Not much. Try to find clothing that might make it seem like some of the ugly has gone, or is at least well hidden. I do my best to avoid being arrested, mostly. I mean…

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@stardust what’s a vpl?

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@noelleptc ’‘eyeballs it’’ :D

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@noelleptc – did you make that up or do lots of people use it??? It’s funny!

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The term VPL has been around for years and years.

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@Bellatrix – so have I, but I never heard it before!

But I must admit, I am not fond of the look, it is a good reason to avoid too tight pants!

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A whole underwear industry has built up around the avoidance of VPL and no, it doesn’t look nice.

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A while back I had been working out in the orchard, cutting branches and burning the brush piles. My clothes and I were filthy – covered in chainsaw dust, and black ash but I needed to go to the store for something critical. I was a mess.

When I went to pay for the stuff, the cashier (about my age) said: “Mmmm… You smell just like my husband. Nice. He’s burning brush today, too.”

That was very sweet of her.

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@augustlan I’m with you on the crying eyes

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