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What is the best answer you have ever read here in fluther?

Asked by manolla (795points) June 5th, 2011

Would like to know if you have read an answer here that and thought that is was great and very informative regardless of the number of GA points it received.

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There’s too many, but I like the ones where someone usually ends up getting owned by someone pointing out their shitty logic lol. There’s some pretty fierce debaters on Fluther.

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Fiddle-playing-creole-bastard’s abswer to this Q is up there

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@anartist Hahahahahah! Just reading the question alone made me spit on my computer screen.

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Let’s agree to disagree.

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@anartist As soon as I saw this question in my inbox, I thought the same :D
That was a great answer!

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Every single answer in the CIA thread. I am on my iPhone or I would link it.

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@Blackberry @queenie I had the same reaction when I first saw thisQ.
@SuperMouse I envy you. To have seen the great CIA Q before it was demolished.

I hope someday—hey mods, hey anybody visiting from the old fluther team, that is the one thing I want to see here more than that most cryptic of white awards—robot-crush

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The answer that touched me the most was this one

I got the most laughs out of this answer.

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@sccrowell’s response to this Q. =)

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Pretty much anything ever written by @Harp. He is among the smartest people I’ve ever known, and one of the most compassionate, too.

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I’m a fan of the one Delirium posted on my question about using my own urine as a fertilizer for my houseplant.

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This answer popped into my head first.

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