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Are all of weird Al Yankvics songs parodies?

Asked by cassy8 (1points) April 25th, 2008 from iPhone

All the songs I’ve heard by him are making fun of original songs, are all like that?

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Only a few of them actually, that guy is so amazingly creative he can create whatever he wants. And it will get famous…

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I can’t think of any that aren’t parodies.

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@scamp: Stuck in the drive thru.

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I don’t know that one. It’s an original?

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He has quite a few originals. Another one is Bob, his homage to Bob Dylan. It is entirely composed of palindromes. Quite amazing.

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@scamp: Watch the video of Stuck In The Drive Thru.

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He often does songs in a particular artist’s style, so they seem like parodies even though they are not. For example, “Dare to be stupid” is in the style of Devo, but isn’t a parody of any particular Devo song. As mentioned before, “Bob” is done in Bob Dylan’s style, but also isn’t a parody.

“Harvey the wonder hamster” is not a parody of anyone or done in any particular style.

(“Trapped in the Drive-Thru” is based on ”Trapped in the closet” by R. Kelly)

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he has a ton of original content. I was a big weird al fan in the 90’s. At least 3 songs an album are original.

The only consistency is they are all about food or tv.

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