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Is Apple returning to PowerPc processors after buying P.A. Semi?

Asked by oddrax (145points) April 25th, 2008

what do you guys think?

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Maybe for use on non-PC devices. I doubt they’d move back to PowerPC since they spent so much time and money moving over to x86. I remember reading Jobs quoting someone else saying “If you want to make great software, build your own hardware.” Perhaps that gives some insight into why they may have purchased P.A. Semi. Hopefully it means more powerful handhelds.

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hope they make better iPods and phones with it. But please Steve don’t mess with the computers. We like Intel

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yes indeed, PaulC. you hit it right on the nose!

The iPhone might acquire new chips from P.A…and also perhaps some other devices..I don’t see P.A. taking precedence over least not anytime soon.

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doubt it—PowerPC is by IBM..pretty sure Apple has been disappointed by IBM in the past..Intel is much further ahead anyways..

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