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How did you find your last apartment?

Asked by jballou (2128points) April 25th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m sick if craigslist

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In NYC it’s very popular to pay an agent. You may have to give up your first born or a limb but at least in return you have a cool pad.
With the last one I was lucky and had a friend, but craigslist has always treated me good.

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I found the street I wanted to rent on, and walked back and forth for blocks, looking at everything on that street. One apartment was the right one. I love the location, and I have a bit of a view, and it’s quite spacious. This is Seattle.

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Craig’s list, luck, determination, and a loaded checkbook.

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I went through a real estate agent. It was free and the apartment was great. She took me around to see tons of them.

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Try a realtor.. their commission technically comes out of your security deposit..but technically you would be paying that anyway so.. its “free” in a sense

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Drove around areas I’d like to live, looking for “for rent” signs.

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