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Why should one only eat M & Ms that are primary colors?

Asked by josie (28690points) June 5th, 2011

I went to a golf tournament party today. Great fun.
My host, one of my good friends who is a wealthy attorney, and who I admit is a bit strange (but a great guy otherwise) only eats M &Ms that are the primary colors.
I played the straight man and asked him why.
He said that he really did not know, but he was counting on me to make a rational argument why he should, so that in the future he could answer the question.
I suppose I can come up with something, but before I do…
What would you say?

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~~ The other ones make you sterile.

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Because people can’t think outside the chocolate!!!

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~~ But the green ones make you horny.

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Well, obviously, the other ones are unnatural, or “secondary”. Who wants to eat “secondary” M&Ms? He may be onto something.

Please thank him for me. This could be life-changing. It might also help to explain why I have always been a Red Sox fan.

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Because it’s cheaper to throw out a few M&Ms than pay for the therapy and medication to treat OCD?

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Apparently children are nuts about primary colors.

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Obese humans are less motivated only when they must work harder than they are accustomed to obtain food. <—I’ve read anecdote of this type of study elsewhere—basically (fat) people eat fewer Hershey kisses if they are wrapped.

Maybe he is (mis)applying this science to mitigate obesity by creating a rule that ensures a higher level of work when consuming M&Ms.

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He’s against miscegenation.

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How about’ “off color food dyes contain dangerous chemicals. I have heard that the light green ones contain a uranium extract that glows in the dark and fouls x-rays”

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Because they’re pretty!

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Your friend is crazy… everyone knows the green M&Ms are the most important ones.

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Green is a primary color…

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@josie I really hope you aren’t teaching any art classes.

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Here you go, @josie

What a great ice breaker! I’m going to use that next time there’s a bowl of M&Ms and a lull in conversation.

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When you are painting, it is RBY. When you are exposing or printing a photo, it is RGB. That is what he was talking about. He is photographer, not a painter.

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Attorney, photographer, same diff.

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@wundayatta His hobby. He’s not bad. I taught him everything he knows.

Should I have simply said red, green and blue M & Ms?. Would that have made it easier to give me some suggestions for a clever response?

Tough crowd on Fluther today.

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