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If Sixteen is the answer, what was the question?

Asked by rebbel (24813points) June 5th, 2011

Inspired by a British comedy tv panel show.
Anything goes, all questions you can think of that will give the answer Sixteen.
Game on!

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What is the number of presidents who made horrible mistakes during their presidency?

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What’s 4×4?

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What’s the age of consent in New York?

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What’s the most common age for a teenage girl to get pregnant?

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What is the total of 8+6+2?

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What is life รท 2.625?

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How many tons of coal did Tennessee Ernie Ford load each day ?

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What is the name of that teen movie directed by John Hughes that has “Candles” in the title?

What is the name of that song written by The Sherman Brothers and used as a cover song by Ringo Starr? “You’re ___” what?

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@zenvelo, lurve for the best possible response!

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How many total rounds in Josie’s Beretta 92 FS

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Everyone knows that 42 is the answer, not 16… at least the mice in control do.

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In a 440 V8 Hemi how many valves are in the heads?

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How many times did you fap today?

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I have a better question:
How many cock push-ups can you do?

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What age she was really?

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How many bottles of beer on the wall?

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Just what age exactly is “too old” for you?

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Under the orange tree.

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How many zombie heads may one lop off with one full sweep of a scythe?

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@zenvelo , @SuperMouse Age of consent in NY is 17. I have a friend on the sex offender list because they had sex 10 days before her 17th birthday.

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What is 10 hex in decimal?

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@worriedguy <cough> Consent law run amok…consent law run amok…danger, danger…...danger Will applied stupidly… <cough>

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How did they manage to squeeze 16 eggs into a 12 egg carton?

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2nd Answer or Question…..............

How many rounds of ammo does my Glock hold?

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How many candles are there in an “Oldie, but Goodie”?

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@john65pennington does that one not hold 17 (or 18 with one in the chamber)?

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@Hypocrisy_Central Yep. Over 21 having consensual sex with a 16 year old is considered Rape 3rd. A class E felony. A 16 year old is below the age of consent. (17) That law destroyed our friend’s family. They were dating for about 6 months. Tragic waste. The only winners were the DA and some lawyers.

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How many jellies will still be alive when I reach 20K?

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How many larvae will @rebbel get for this question?

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What is the average age of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends/Michael Jackson’s boyfriends?

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@ucme it’s more like “twice the age of MJ’s boyfriends.”

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@zenvelo Allegedly!! Yeah I know, just thought i’d throw wacko in there for old times sake.

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There are sixteen named particles in the Standard Model, and the last particles discovered were the W and Z bosons in 1983, the top quark in 1995, and the tauon neutrino in 2000. But most physicists agree the Standard Model is probably not the final word in particle physics.

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