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Was he serious, or was it a joke?

Asked by beckk (1266points) June 6th, 2011

Ok, here’s the deal:
I like this guy who is a friend of mine, J. We aren’t real close, but we talked a lot in school and we would text each other quite often. Last weekend was my one friends grad party and J and I were both there. We talked and were flirty with each other like usual. Then, later that night we were texting each other and he invited me over to his house for a party the following day, which he has never done before. Unfortunately I couldn’t go. The next day before the party I texted him to let him know I couldn’t come. He answered with a :( and I told him I was sorry and wish I could have come. Then he texted back and said he was disappointed but we continued to talk and were real flirty like we always are. Later that night, after his party was over he texted me and said the party was kind of lame and we talked for a bit and then, he said he had a question, ‘why don’t you have a boyfriend?’. I simply told him the truth, I’m shy and not very talkative. He texted me back and said, ‘I mean your real cute’. I was kind of shocked, but excited. Then he asked if I would want to hang out sometime just me and him. I said yes and we continued to joke around and flirt. The conversation ended soon after because he fell asleep since he had school the next day. I haven’t talked to him since last night when all this happened.
I guess my question is:
Do you think he was serious about liking me and wanting to hangout, maybe go on a date?
Or do you think it was some cruel joke? I can’t really imagine him doing that to me, but I guess anything is possible.
My biggest concern is that at his party he may have been drinking, I’m not sure. I know he does on occasion when he is at his house, since his mom lets him. If he was I feel like there is a chance he may not have been serious.
I know I’m probably just paranoid, but the more I think about it the more concerned I get.
Thank you in advance for any help.

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I think he likes you and wants to get closer. He was nice to you in the texts, and is probably wondering what happened to you.

Message him now just to say hello and ask how he is doing.

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@zenvelo Alright, thank you. I figured I was just being paranoid.

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I think that he likes you; he was serious. I expect him to set something up very soon. If he doesn’t, then you should.

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He likes you. Plus, if he was drinking, than what he said is even more valid. A drunken mind speaks honestly.

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It is difficult for any of us to say based upon the information that is provided. He may have sincere interest in your, or he may find you a challenge. Listen to your instincts. You say that you like him, but it is not described as a crush. Just take the relationship slowly and at a pace that you are comfortable with. His true intentions will eventually come to the surface.

Many men tap-dance around coming out and stating their interest in another. They fear rejection, as most, if not all of us do. Even if it results in a broken heart on your end, it will heal over time.

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Thank you guys! You have put my mind at ease.

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I think he likes you! :))

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I give 10:1 odds he likes you and would like to go out with you.

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Yeah he definitely likes you. But don’t let him have what he wants until he can tell apart “your” vs. “you’re!”

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I agree, he likes you but he is probably a bit shy too. Send him a message and see if he wants to get together and do something. Is there a movie coming out that you think he would like? Ask him if he wants to go with you.

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I think he likes you enough to ask you to hook up/hang out.

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Don’t get too carried away until you know for sure that a) he wasn’t drunk and working off some kind of stupid dare from a lame friend and b) that was really him doing the texting.

And even then, don’t get too carried away. It’s just a guy saying nice things, and maybe asking for a date in slow motion.

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I agree with @WasCy….Yes, he likes you, but be careful. You don’t yet have enough information.

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Even if he was drinking, the alcohol may have given him the courage to say what he wanted to say anyway. I am in no way advocating adolecrnt drinking, I just remember.

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@Judi Yes, I made a similar point of the alcohol. Yet, who says it was adolescent drinking?

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@Judi and @Afos22 Just to make things clear it would have been adolescent drinking.
which I do not support, but people will do whatever they choose to do

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@beckk You weren’t supposed to say that, =D

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@Afos22 Oops, too late. Haha

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