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Boring question #26; what do you think about midsized cars sitting 4in high off the road on 20in wheels?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26856points) June 7th, 2011

Don’t know if the trend has hit your area but around here a lot of cars, usually midsized and often older models, have started to show up sitting four to five inches high off the road on 20 in. low profile chrome wheels. I don’t know what they style is called if it even has a name, but to me they make the car look like a toy car I had as a child; it just looks very odd and not in a good way. Have you seen cars of this type, and how do you like them? Do you know if this style has a name yet?

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It sounds goofy to me, but that is just my opinion.

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That mimics racing car aerodynamics. Also mimics lots of childhood fantasy car drawings.
But unless you have perfect roads it’s stupid. The low-profile wheels are vulnerable to potholes and low clearance will make you a scraper on lots of driveways.
I.e. Cute but not practical.

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~ Are you thinkin’ about getting some 22” on your cruiser?

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It’s been around as long as there have been cars. I think it looks OK. Whatever floats your boat. I could not find a special name for it.

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Not my style, but I guess other people like it.

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I love it for just one reason… laugh my a__ off when they hit a bump in the road. I would give $20 to see one hit a big pot hole.

Inside the vehicle, you can see their “cool” bodies hit the inside roof of the car and everyone rubbing their head because of the pain.

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I see those around here. I’ve also seen them lowered almost to the ground and riding on those super tiny tires. To me, they look beyond stupid.

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I just saw one that was a desperate attempt to make a Hyundai Elantra look badass. It was sitting on little custom rims and had bumpers and side panels extended to almost reach the ground. When I saw this thing, it was stuck on a curb and the boys were trying to get it off without tearing the panels. Way to look cool, guys!

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You mean “low ridin?” I mean, that is what you do in a car that’s low to the ground: low ridin. I think it’s hysterical , esp if it has spinners. say goodbye to your muffler.

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The other end are those who sit 2.5ft off the ground like a 4X4 on big chrome 20–22” wagon wheels with a little rubber on them, that is even more daffy.

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@woodcutter That is it the silly high water wagon wheel car. Those are the worse of the worst.

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@Hypocrisy_Central What were they thinking? Do they come with a step ladder to get in and out of?

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@woodcutter She better not be in a pencil skirt or a mini going commando.

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