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Does my PS3 controller barcode match my PS3 system?

Asked by Shuichi (316points) June 7th, 2011

Well, my friend let me borrow her controller, but I got them mixed up and my controller is brand new. I noticed the barcode on the back of both controllers and I bought a bundle pack with my PS3, I just want to know if the barcode contains relevance to my system cause I can’t locate it anywhere on the box and I still have the papers. Can anyone help?

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Nope. The barcode on the controller is the SN for the controller. It bears no relation to the barcode on the PS3 (well mine doesn’t anyway). All contollers will work with all PS3’s so it doesn’t really matter which is which but if it helps the older controller will be smoother than the newer one.

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Your friend may need to sync the controller to her PS3 again if you happen to give her the wrong one. It’s no big deal though, you just plug it in via the USB it comes with and push the PS button.

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