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Desperate need of help,for iPhone!

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) April 26th, 2008 from iPhone

I recently jailbroken my iPhone with I can’t access me email because it says the user name or password for“ is incorrect.what should I do?also I’m trying to downlad my software back to 1.1.3, so I can customize my apps and iPhone,in the installer it says I need the firmware 1.1[123]. How can I get that,can anyone please help out?thank you

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Ouch. You broke it! Do an Erase and’re going to lose everything. However, I’m sure firmware 1.1 is out there somewhere..

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Ok so i would scrap ‘’ and go with ijailbreak
Then restore your iPhone and install 1.1.4 (Current Release) This most recent version will jailbreak your 1.1.4 then just run the program and your set. Works beautifully

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Where can I go to save my contacts then since it doesn’t recognize me on iTunes

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A great source of info is the “Today in iphone” podcast. You can download these back dated podcasts and get all kinds of info about the different versions to restore, jailbreak, etc. They also have a web site that gives the links to all this info.

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I also use pc

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I think I’m gona hafta restore again using a different program on of for right now

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but how can I do that if nothing recognizes my iPhone when connected?how do I restore manually the iPhone then

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You don’t have to restore… is not even a valid IMAP.
And if you are under Yahoo, you should use POP.

Get that right first and see what happens.

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There is a PC version of iJailbreak i think

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thanks everyone,I ended up just restoring my iPhone from my sisters mac,worked out fine,then I rerestored it from my of so my info would come back,then I ziphone jailbroken it with my of.the solutionwas other mac products helping out.

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