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What'd make a great card to send to a motorcyclist who's just had a surgical operation?

Asked by pisewes (36points) June 8th, 2011

There is this friend who has just had a surgical operation. His passion is the motorcycle. I want to send a card to wish him good luck with the recuperation process. I’ll make the card myself in Photoshop. The only problem is though, that I don’t have a lot of inspiration at this moment. Anyone here who has a great idea?

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You’ll be back on your bike in no time!

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Thanks for the answer. :-) I should also mention that the surgery itself doesn’t have anything to do with a motorcycle or accident though. It was a back surgery, but because he’s such a motorcycle addict, I’d like to make a great card with a motorcycle as the subject. I can’t think of anything interesting though.

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Here are some thouguht starters:
Hope this will kick stat your recovery.
Back in the saddle
Easy Rider

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Here’s a royalty-free stock image site You could use something from here and incorporate one of the great suggestions above or “Glad you’re on the road to recovery”.

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Thanks to everyone for the answers, and special thanks to Blueroses. Your answer sparked a nice idea! I made a card with a motorcycle driving on the road with ‘On the road to recovery…’ on top and ‘Hope you get better soon’ on the bottom.

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A transformer style bike with a surgical mask, performing the operation.

“0 to tripple bypass in 4.2 seconds” and some other stats.

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Sounds great @pisewes! I’m sure your friend will love it.

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