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What's your opinion on places like deviantART?

Asked by Glow (1366points) February 15th, 2009

Do you think web sites like these help artists to achieve their potential and become better, or do you think that places like these only foster art as a money making business and rarely promotes creativity?

I prefer to not have a say in this. But I would like the opinions of others!

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I think that by lumping a bunch of artists together in one place like that, you effectively strip them of their individuality and just label them as “artist” or whatever they are, be it illustrator, painter, etc.

I think that individual websites are much more conducive to making a statement and resonating as an individual.
But, if you’re just interested in showing your friends your work, then devinatART is cool. But I wouldn’t expect to get jobs or contract work out of it.

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Thanks Breefield. I agree. Im mostly interested on what people think websites like these can do for an artist on a personal level though. Can these web sites help with creativity and abilities as an artist. Or does one think they they instead limit an artist mentally?

Hope im making sense :P

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No such thing as bad publicity.

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I tend to disagree…

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I have heard of DeviantART but do not know if they charge fees. Is it more of a social site?

From my experience sites that artists have to pay for are rarely successful.

This thread may be of interest with some positive marks for DeviantArt as well as some for Etsy and some other interesting links.

But again- be very wary of the ones that charge a fee- it is often money down the drain.

If you are interested in inspiration and learning perhaps could be of help.
I have not been there for a long time but I know they have interesting projects, tutorials as well as a reference library.

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Massive, free internet communities aren’t going to make anyone a better artist, nor are they going to degrade someone’s work just because it’s there. deviantArt is like a corkboard in the creative arts building at a university: anyone can put whatever they want on there, so it’s mostly populated by crap, but there are a couple people who use it solely as a publicity tool and every now and again something cool winds up there.

The only thing that will improve an artist is the artist. Part of developing that talent is being exposed to things, so in a roundabout way making art (which the majority of deviations probably aren’t) more accessible is a step in the right direction.

Just can’t take it too seriously.

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Corkboard is a great analogy, @Joey.

What if there was a site where artists could post their work for a fee, but in return they would get comments from a highly-qualified jury? Or perhaps the artist could select from several jury panels, one (for example) composed of staffers from touted east coast art schools, one with staffers from west coast schools, one from film co. modelmakers, one from first tier ad agencies, etc.?
Do you think aspiring artists would be willing to pay for a juried site?

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DeviantArt is a fantastic resource and showcase for all types of visual arts. I’ve posted everything from art photography to conceptual assemblage.

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What was the name of that artist that did not do any of the painting, (had other people do it) but put his name on the work and made a butt load of money?

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Its almost laughable that they call themself “deviant” when they have restrictions on nudity and adult content. I understand that not everyone can handle, or enjoy all subject matter.

But Censorship is basically Anti-Art. Isn’t it an 18+ site ? Wouldn’t a content warning be enough to keep the prudes from throwing a ” think like me or else” hissy fit?

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@gottamakeart Welcome to Fluther! It is always nice to have another artist on board.

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@Dog Thank you! I’m also inviting other artist friends to “join the collective”

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I think it’s good if you want to show some people what you can do, but not expect to make a whole lot of money out of. I just use it to show my friends how I’m growing with my art since I don’t see them often.

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First off all artist need be in a money making mentality. I have heard of the bull ”I only paint to create” crap but brushes, canvas, oils oh those oils, and all that cost money. Unless you are independently wealthy and don’t have to make a living you will be a starving artist if you don’t think about selling anything. With the Internet, it is much easier for an artist today than it is back in my earlier days. You had to get a gallery to promote you if you didn’t find one that would let you pay them to hang your work, and you had to have the bucks to do that quite a while until something sold. With sites that cobble several or many artist together it is like a mall, the viewer don’t have to run all over the net to try and find you. I think it promotes a certain amount of creativity because when you are one of 15 artists you want to have art that catches the eye quick or stays in the memory long after the viewer has left. I only wish things were around like that 30 years ago I might have been the next Frank Frazetta or something.

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I am currently on deviantart(but for how long I’m not sure) they don’t charge a fee but as in most sites they have an upgrade you can pay for and yes they have no right to call themselves deviant due to there restrictions Iv had several pics I worked really hard on reported it would actually be a decent site if they would actually live up to there deviant name Im currently looking for a replacement for the site that does not censor me

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