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Do you know of any amazingly talented artistic children?

Asked by lozza (307points) June 7th, 2008 from iPhone

I was thinking that you hear of child prodigies in music but rarely in art.

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yea I do but they sing in polish they’re called Arka Noego meaning Noah’s Ark.

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haha, I clicked on this topic thinking you meant “autistic”, not “artistic”

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Well my 4 year old sister knows her fifty states…does that count?

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but shes not very artistic

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There isn’t a parent or a grandparent in this world who would answer that question with a “NO”.

SRM—father of three incredibly talented, artistic, good-looking child prodigies

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Aww that is so cute and so true srmorgan :)

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I’m lossing my humility for a moment, but me

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how old is too old?

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Here are two pages of pure talent! Enjoy

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I had totally forgotten about that link. ROFL

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I teach K-12 art and in fourteen year years have had two students I would venture to call prodigies. They were both extremely bright, articulate, good students across disciplines. Both had a quiet contemplative nature and didn’t seek to draw attention to themselves, but were clearly proud of their work without being prideful. Each picked up new techniques and media with ease and created realism and expression that many professional artists lack. I can’t wait to see what they’re making in 20 years!

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