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Would you be so bold as to say Japan deviant culture because of panchira?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) June 9th, 2011

Spawned from question @jerv linked this site here that there appears to be a while culture of upskirt watching in Japan, and it don’t seem to be women flocking to see the undies of other women, at least not openly. Such activity here might get you one some sex offender registry. If there has to be a campaign against it on Japanese subways and such it has to be quite prevalent through the subway system. Would you say Japan has a large number of deviants roaming their streets? If males here behaved the same way would you take the same stance as you would the Japanese men there, or does the culture changes things? Told you, the honeymoon is over. Think me crazy but here I am ;-P

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I just love Japan!

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@ragingloli Me too!
All the girl has to do is loudly say Chikan or Hentai and the guy is done. An adult woman can simply step back and drive her high heel onto the guy’s foot.

To be fair, sometimes it really is an accident. Trains are crowded and jerk occasionally. One guy came into the office with the imprint of a woman’s face makeup on the back of his suit coat. Lipstick, concealer, powder. It was hilarious.

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Would you go so far as to describe the US as a deviant culture because it legally permits people to buy hardcore pornography of varying degrees of explicitness and aggression towards women?

It’s not a deviant culture – molestation of women on trains (chikan) for example is a criminal offence that can lead to jail time.

Japan is a much more openly sexual society than the US, which strikes me as a rather prudish place.

Part of the problem is the submissive role that is inculcated in women and girls from the moment they are born. The laws are there, but the social expectations placed on women here pretty much require them to be “seen and not heard”.

It’s not deviant, unless being blatantly sexist is deviant.

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@ragingloli is right. Japan rocks!

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Japan…fuck yeah.

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@the100thmonkey Japan is a much more openly sexual society than the US

whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa… Hold up a minute… I have never heard that one before. Doesn’t Japan have a sharply declining birth rate?

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard This has nothing to do with their openess sexually. A lot of Japanese have left the country life behind and moved to the city where there is less room. This of course isn’t really the reason. The reason is that a lot of them are focused on work and their careers so they don’t have as much need for a family. The dropping in birth rate is more common in the countryside seeing as that there are really no young people there. Women are also more focused on being independent. It’s common for women to go on and become stay at home moms once they get married, after all Japan is very family orientated. To prevent this from happening, a lot of women marry later and rather work for the most part.

When it comes to the subways, at night there are special cars dedicated to the female passengers to prevent sexual misconduct. There are lots of shows on where women will volunteer to have upskirt shots taken. After all they used to have vending machines full of used panties.

This behavior stems from all the stress and conservativeness that they deal with at work. After work hours Japan really lets loose. It’s common on a smaller scale with people that have been sheltered throughout their lives. They are more likely to be more exploratory with whatever was once taboo or just not so accessible.

Japan has those cubes that people can have sex in in public. Where the people inside can have sex while watching people walk by on the outside. It’s one of those things that was a part of their culture but with Western influence has been so suppressed that it mutated in a sense. Japan was always open sexually, but when missionaries came to the country introducing new ways and religions it became a situation where Japan wanted to be accepted so badly they embraced some of the customs. It becomes another case where another Asian country goes from open sexually to really sheltered because of European influence. Now it seems Japan has just turned into that sheltered pervert everyone knows.

They also don’t really have a term for homosexuality. They don’t think of it as taboo in the same way everyone else does. They went back and forth on accepting it on the sole basis that there was no way to carry on the family line. Once someone brought up the topic of adoption Japan eased up on it and now doesn’t care at all.

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@the100thmonkey Would you go so far as to describe the US as a deviant culture because it legally permits people to buy hardcore pornography of varying degrees of explicitness and aggression towards women? Off the owning, viewing and possession of pornography I would not say the US was deviant. There are areas I believe in my mind, and it for sure is not how many others would see it, that are deviant. A lot of what goes on here I am sure some other nation(s) out there see as deviant. People say often that pornography is a catalyst to aggression and violence towards women, in a true logical sense I fail to see that.

Japan is a much more openly sexual society than the US, which strikes me as a rather prudish place. In the ways I have seen not having lived there, I can agree with that to a point. Some of the areas don’t seem in tuned with there more expressed sexuality, you can eat sushi off a naked woman but you won’t find Japanese porn that shows pubic hair, pink, penetration or any lips to sexual organs without it being pixilated out. I have seen in several sources women topless in the presents of men at bathhouses, saunas, etc. where her you’d not see it. With the US, the grain seems to be a preoccupation with doing it, having it, so long as you don’t actually see it. Much like so long as you can smell the steak and hear it sizzling you can avoid really eating the steak.

But imagine some guy posting on YouTube a clip about his manual , “How to stealthy look down blouses at any location” complete with which camera phone is best to use, the best angle to get the best view, women in this top or that make the best marks, etc. there would be an uproar. I am sure it would be on national network news before the week was out and some prosecutor somewhere would be combing the Sheppard’s for case law to bring the bloke up on some kind of charge. His employer would more than likely fire him, and if he were coaching a peewee team they’d ask for his whistle. Tell me that would not happen here in the US?

@Ajulutsikael After all they used to have vending machines full of used panties. You would NEVER see anything like that in the US. If it were somehow ever legally done, unless in the most private of areas where no one could see who used it, because no one would ever use it for being seen making a buy would label you a deviant.

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Their vibrators are also made to look like anything but penises because that is outlawed in Japan.

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Great question. I didn’t know what panchira was. Had to Google it. When I found out what it meant, I switched to Google image mode. VERY INTERESTING!

I have to admit I don’t understand Japan. In some ways, the culture is so stodgy and rigid. And yet in others, they are on the cutting edge. We sell explicit porn, they pixilate private parts. But they make films about scatology, urolangia, emetophalia, bondage and S&M that are beyond anything we Westerners even dream of. They are the absolute world masters of bondage rope-work.

So yeah, like so many other Jellies said, Japan rocks.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard – I don’t equate sexuality with birthrate.

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