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I have been away from my kitty for 5 days (my Dad was looking after him). I have him now and he meows quite a bit (usually doesn't); did he miss me?

Asked by Jude (32134points) June 9th, 2011

Yeah, go ahead and mock. ;)

He has food, clean water and litter. And, since I’ve been home, he’s been on me. He loves it when you hold him. He’ll be in the other room and he’ll meow (never does this), and then he’ll come and look for me. The cat is usually very quiet. Doesn’t even meow when he is hungry. He just sits by his food dish and looks up at you.

He’s attached to my right hip. Like I have tumor.

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I wouldn’t worry about it @Jude. I’ve had quite a lot of cats in the past, quiet and playful ones by nature. All of them used to meaow and cuddle/rub against me whenever I used to get back from school. Have you noticed any other behaviour apart from the miaowing?

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I’d say he’s scolding you for leaving him and warning you not to do it again.
And also he missed you very much.

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Was it the first time he’d been apart from you for an extended period? I’d say he did.

Who wouldn’t miss you? ;)

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Don’t worry, just “copping an attitude.” May also be telling to take him over to visit your dad more often.

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@FutureMemory I have been away longer. I don’t think that my Dad spent a lot of time with him. Maybe, he was lonely?


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That’s nice you’re that in touch with your guys or (girls?).:)

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Pets do go into loss depression, when their master is gone and this includes cats.

Our border collie has the worst case of loss depression, when my wife and I leave.

He loses his will to be active and just moans and groans, until we return.

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His familar routine and you were missing, yes, this caused him stress and anxiety.
Cats are very much creatures of habit, they do not like their little worlds being rocked by traveling owners, trips to the vet, and other intrusions on their happy little cat worlds.

My cat was beside himself last year when I was traveling overseas for 2.5 weeks. Same with my geese, they too are very much into their routines and everyone stuck to me like glue for the entire week after I got home.
My little female goose who is blind in one eye from a fish hook, and who was a rescure 2 years before, showed me how much she had bonded with me after that vacation. She literally ran after me screaming for days. Poor baby.

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Yes, he missed you, and he is telling you so.

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Judging from how Spoony THE cat reacts when we’ve been separated for a time, yes, he missed you and he’s letting you know. If we could speak feline, it would probably be something like “Please don’t do that again.” :-)

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Yes, he missed you and wants to be close to you now. Everytime I leave to go somewhere, such as my recent 2-week motorcycling trip to North Carolina from my home in Texas, my cat won’t leave me alone after I get back. It’s just a cat’s way of saying they missed you and are happy to see you again. : )

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Awwww. Mine do that, too, and I think it’s adorable.

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Dogs are more demonstrative, but sometimes you have to watch the kitties closely to see how they feel. : ))

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No mocking! I have cat and dogs and when I return from vacation, the dogs will jump about for 3 minutes and say “Cool, cool, cool! You’re back! Life makes sense again!” and they return to their routine.

The cat will glom on physically and explain in great vocal detail, everything that I missed; his disappointment in me, his happiness that I came back, what the dogs did wrong in my absence…

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I have a cat that, like one (and only one) previous cat of mine, would be that way after I was gone for more than a few minutes. Most cats are pretty nonchalant about their owners being gone for a bit, but some do get a bit wound up if their people are gone and act a bit oddly (like a normally quiet cat meowing up a storm) when their people return.

So I can’ tsay for sure, but I would guess that your little tuna-breathed friend missed you. That goes double if you spoil them and their babysitter didn’t. If Izzy doesn’t get her fishy noms….

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